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YR Stay & Pray


What did you like most about Stay and Pray?


'Seeing the children interacting in class and seeing them grow in confidence and learn throughout the year'


'Opportunity to be with the children in their classroom each week.'


'The chance to be in the classroom and see how the class worship takes place first hand. It was nice to be able to talk to my child when she got home about the session also.'


'We are a family that regularly attend mass at OLSK so we have a deep faith, but I have learnt new things, hearing the children answer and engage about the faith and seeing what the faith means from a child’s perspective.'


'We would always talk about the sessions with our daughter when she got home, asked if she had put in to practice the Wednesday word, and she would then go on to put it in to practice at home.'


'A definite affirmation of my faith'


'It was fabulous! The right amount of serious time and playtime for the children! They were all so incredibly behaved. It’s been brilliant being able to bring younger siblings along! It also just been brilliant for us to get involved with a tiny snippet of our daughters week at school and see her in the classroom ! Mrs Ofosu and Miss Beasley, thank you so much for having us!'



What could be improved?


'More of the same!'