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Week 2- Coronation themed EBL King Charles and the Black Country 27.04.23 DUE IN 04.05.23

Have any members of the Royal Family visited the Black Country? 

  1. Which members of the Royal Family have visited the Black Country?  
  2. When did they visit and for what reasons? 
  3. Has King Charles ever visited the Black Country? When/Why?
  4. If you could invite King Charles to the Black Country, which parts of the Black Country would you invite him to see? Why? 
  5. What would you teach King Charles about the Black Country?


The points above are just starting points. Please expand on you research for each point. We would normally expect children to be able to write 1-2 A4 sides of quality research at this point in Year 4. 


Due on Thursday 4th May 2023