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Our Autumn Learning Journey


Today we practised our dribbling skills by dribbling a football between tightly spaced cones. We learned that we had to control 5e ball so that it didn’t go everywhere and we were very good at this! 

EBL- 15.09.21

Today we had our first EBL lesson. We are so excited about our fire topic! We all had so much information to share from our research homework and we can’t wait to learn more. Today we learned about the fire triangle and then we went outside and built a campfire with the help of Mrs Morris. We talked about the wood that we needed for the fuel, the heat and the oxygen. If one of these parts is missing we can’t have a fire. Mrs Morris showed us how to put out a campfire safely. We had great fun in EBL today 🔥 

Maths- 14.09.21

In class today we launched Numbots! We absolutely loved doing our maths work on the iPads and we learned lots too! We were able to upgrade our robots as we went through the levels and collected lots of stars! 

Geography- 8/09/21

As it was Mary’s birthday today we did some map work exploring where she lived and the journey she went on to give birth to Jesus. As part of Family and community week, we used a world map to find out where we lived and where other family members come from. We found it really interesting hearing about the different cultures within our class. 🌍

PE- 8/09/21

Today we had our first PE lesson of the year. We learned about the importance of warming up and why we warm up. We also did some throwing and catching and finished with a fun game of duck duck goose. We have some very fast runners in year two! We had great fun in the sun and we are looking forward to next week. ☀️🏃🏼🏃🏻‍♀️