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What are Governing roles?


The Governing Body is made up of thirteen Governors in total


7 - Foundation Governors, appointed by the Trustees.

2 - Parent Governors, elected by the parents of children in the school.

2 - Staff Governors – the Headteacher and one other, elected by the staff.

1 - Local Authority Governor, nominated and appointed by Dudley Council.

1 - Clerk to undertake secretarial and advisory duties for them.


All Governors are elected or appointed for a four year term

Governors’ Terms of Office may span different years, so they do not necessarily all finish their term of office at the same time.


Governors can be reappointed or re-elected and there is no limit to the number of terms of office, but it is advised that they serve no more than two full terms.


All Governors are required to provide CRB clearance through the DES –Diocesan Education Service.