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Our Summer Learning Journey

As a special treat and because we are so wonderful All of pre school were allowed on the bouncy castle 🏰 “ It was great”

Look how we stayed cool today in Pre School 🥰

We were so excited 😆 as a special visitor came to meet us in Pre school. It was Elma our dog mentor. We learnt how to do our Elma breathing and gave her treats when she followed a command. We talked about how to look after her and the different responsibilities we have as a pet owner. Which links into our topic this week.

What a wonderful social event shared with our families and friends in key stage one - we all gave 100% and really enjoyed all the races. We show real team spirit, good sportsmanship and great physical ability.

We really enjoy our stories in Pre School especially when we get to act them out. We have some great actors in our setting, very expressive and confident.

Linked to our topic this term “ How do Sunflowers Grow?” We have been learning all about the seasons and the vocabulary linked to it. We enjoyed exploring the freely trays and playing with the things linked to that particular season - we even had snow!!

Active Learning is what we love in Pre School - So Welly Wednesday is just the best. It’s great to be out in the fresh, playing with our Reception friends and learning using ALL our senses.

During” DT Week” the children had a challenge to complete, they had to design a boat for the Gingerbread Man to cross the river in. They had to independently source their resources and create a waterproof boat. They even had to try it out in our water play with a Gingerbread Man sitting in their boat. The children were so engaged in their learning they were using words such as “ wet, dry, sinking, floating, plastic, cardboard, crumbled, soggy, deep” They enjoyed the activity so much they continued it outside using “ Junk” and building large boats together with the waffle blocks and the bricks. Lots of sharing, turn taking and team work took place.

During our practical maths session we have been practicing our counting skills, using our fingers to show the correct amount of objects and recognising some numbers also.

The water play is very popular at the moment, as the children explore and investigate the various size containers. They are beginning to make comparisons and using appropriate language linked to capacity such as full, empty, half full.

The children are developing their phonological awareness and are engaged in the many writing ✍️ opportunities we provide.Some even enjoy taking on the role as “ teacher” which is wonderful to see 😊

Wow you are all trying so hard to practice forming your numbers 1-10, and order them to create a beautiful sunflower 🌻.

We used all our senses in hands on exploration of natural materials in Forest School. We worked with Our Reception friends to plant some Sunflowers 🌻, we are also working hard to take good care of our beautiful hanging baskets. We are beginning to understand the key features of the life cycle of a plant and an animal.

The children loved creating their clay caterpillars 🐛 they were able to manipulate it with their hands and press it together ( some made short ones while others made extra long ones) They talked about the focus story “ The Hungry Caterpillar “ as they worked. They were proud of the end product and wrote their names on labels to display them.

We develop our personal and social skills ALL the time throughout Pre school both inside and in our outdoor classroom.

During Our RE lesson the children learnt all about the Ascension - they are ALL so respectful and reverent during teaching and learning.We are so proud of all of them.

We had a wonderful session with Levi and his mom who taught us lots and lots about the country she is from during Multi Cultural week. It was such a fun packed, active experience- we ALL loved it. Thank you for sharing,

As you all know after sharing our FANTASTIC assembly with we are learning about Africa, so we found some African instruments , music 🎵 and created our own African Dance. The children were great at keeping the beat and really expressed themselves through their movements.

Multi- Cultural Week is so much fun because visitors come into Pre School and share so much new information with us about different cultures. We even got to try on some very special clothes that you might wear to an African wedding “ The children said they felt very special in the clothing.

The children are really enjoying learning about our wonderful Queen and excited 😊 to celebrate her platinum jubilee this week in school. We have painted some AMAZING portraits of her Majesty ( I hope you have spotted them outside Pre School) also written lots of letters asking her to could and visit us. We even have a throne and crown which we use when pretending to be the Queen

We know how important it is to keep fit and healthy both for our mind and body. This is a PE session with our coach Mrs P she was very impressed with our super moves BUT equally impressed with our listening skills.

Look at the many ways we socially interact with our friends, we have learnt the importance of teamwork and we are ALL team players in Pre School. Whereby we share the resources, take takes and consider other peoples feelings. This creates a happy and safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

Wow, look at our AMAZING art work. We have painted butterflies, used the computer to also create butterfly pictures. We talked about what we want to be when are grown up and we painted some pictures.

This week our focus book 📖 is “ Monkey Puzzle” the children enjoyed listening to the story and some were even the characters from the story. We all agreed that the butterfly 🦋 was a very special friend and we are ALL going to try to be more like that towards our friends in Pre school. We created our own butterflies by doing symmetrical paintings.

Wow what a fun packed “ Pyjama Day” we have had in Pre School. When we arrived there were tents, wigwams, sleeping bags, cushions and blankets everywhere. We spent the morning reading and sharing books with our friends and teachers, Even James Morris came to join in with the fun and shared a BIG BOOK with us.For snack we had hot toast with butter and some hot chocolate “ Delicious “.We use our imagination and pretended we were camping ⛺️ We made a campfire and toasted marshmallows.

Physical development- we practice these skills when we use the bikes, bubble car and our new go kart daily. Look at us all using our senses to explore and investigate the outdoors. We enjoyed interacting with our friends and it is so lovely to see the older children support the younger ones.

Look at all the ways we are developing our reading and writing skills .

Look at all our curious learners - independent and confident to explore all areas of learning.

The month of May celebrating Our Mother Mary is so special to Pre School because it is our saint, and she is Jesus’ Mother.

Wow, how lovely to see you all interacting together. Exploring your outdoor classroom and developing your creative skills.

Look at us ALL enjoying the adventure playground - taking risks and challenging ourselves!

Wow we revisited “ The Creation “ story and added drapes, instruments and costumes thinking about how hard God worked to create our world 🌎 in Seven days .This is linked to our story this week “ Through the Night “;

Linked to our Social Catholic Teaching this week we have been thinking at “ Workers “ and a variety of jobs people do. The children were AMAZED that people work through the night whilst they sleep 😴

How exciting a real fire fighter came to visit, we were able to try on his uniform and learnt a lot about his actual job. The children were so well behaved and used their listening ears we were so impressed with how they answered the questions. What a knowledge bunch!

Our first visit to Forest 🌳 school with our new friends- I think you would agree they all look like they are having the best time 😊

The children had so much fun exploring the paint with their hands. They discussed the texture and colours they made as they mixed the paints together. One of them suggested painting the tree and fence, it looked great. We also practised our gross motor skills by balancing along the beams. Some of the children explored the musical instruments and marched around the garden singing at the top of their voices.The weather was so nice we even had our snack outside - what a treat.

It was so lovely to welcome some new friends to our pre school family they all fit in beautifully. They have all settled really well and enjoying all the activities pre school has to offer.