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Our Autumn Learning Journey

It is lovely to see the children building up relationships with their new friends. They are becoming active and independent learners engaged in their own learning. They are also becoming aware of their peers and considering their feelings.

Physical Development is one of our prime areas - the children love being outside and it is good for their Gross motor skills and their mental health. They enjoy being active and interacting with their peers.

Active Maths - and Focus Friday is great “ We used a dice took turns and suggested actions” We were all wearing GREEN to support and celebrate Macmillan- Thank You our wonderful families.

We visited school to appreciate the beautiful stained glass window which celebrates “ Gods Creation “ we were great detectives finding all the wonderful things he made. We also saw Jesus ( well to be fair they walk that same route every day for lunch BUT today they stopped and noticed him on the cross) We visited Mary’s Chapel and saw Saint Francis.

We went on a listening walk to hear environmental sounds- we wore our Elmer ears to help us focus. We heard so many sounds in Forest school. We sat and enjoyed our snack around our campfire. We used binoculars to look up and appreciate things higher than us. Some of our friends wore Mouse ears to remind us to be quiet and use our sense of “ Hearing”

Today we shared the Bible story, Adam and Eve. Pre-school showed understanding of how eating the apple was a bad choice. We later discussed making the right choices through talking about what makes a kind friend.

We have loved exploring our other Elmer themed activities!

Welcome Service

Thank you for being here today.

we welcome you and your child to our school. 
We are so thrilled that you are joining us on your child’s journey through the Early Years of your child’s education. 
Your children have settled beautifully into school life, made new friends, and are becoming active learners. 
This is the year for our youngest learners to shine brightly in our classrooms.

This is the year for them to grow and develop into shining stars.

We have a year filled with exciting learning. 
Learning all about ourselves and the world around us. 
Learning all about God through our curriculum of Catholic Social Teaching. 
Exploring our forest school and learning how to read and write. 
And learning to love each other. 
It will be a magical year of growth for your child as we teach them to reach for the stars.

Communication is the key to success; so please remember we are here to support you all.

We are here to listen. 
We are here to help. 
Welcome to Our Lady and St Kenelm Family.

Pre School & YR sang their special song with gusto for their families!

Still image for this video

Father Stefan officially welcomed the children & families of YR & Pre School with a special Welcome Service! We hope our new Pre-Schooler’s will be very happy at Little Kenelm’s!

Wow, look who we had a special visit from!

We love all our “Elmer” stories this week and have enjoyed learning our rhyme and acting out being an elephant. We even stomped around the playground and sang at the top of our voices.

We love to be active whilst in Pre School and enjoyed exploring the adventure playground.

Linked to our RE learning “The Creation Story “ we explored the torches and talked about light and dark. The children wrote prayers to thank God for all the beautiful things in our world which he has made.

The children played an active role during RE / Class worship this week. Whereby they acted out the Creation Story from the Bible we even added sound effects using our musical instruments. We all joined in with a thank you prayer to God and sang our new hymn “Our God is a Great Big God”

It is lovely to see the children’s confidence grow as they begin to build relationships with their new peers. Learning to share and take turns is key at this stage in their journey as we tell them often “Caring is Sharing “

This week we have been visiting big school to meet the different teachers and children in our school family. We visited the different areas around school, including Mary’s Chapel, Library, Phiz lab and the Hall.

We shared the Bible story “ In the Beginning “ whereby the children learnt about how the world was made. They listened attentively and actively joined in where appropriate. They are learning how to bless themselves, and beginning to understand that they belong to our school family, that is why their school badge is next to their heart because they are loved. To celebrate God the Creator we sang “ Our God is a great big God” which the children loved.

After our RE lesson today we went out into Forest School and explored all our Gods creation. The children used all of their senses to investigate and appreciate our wonderful outdoor space. They also got the opportunity to socialise with Reception which was lovely to see.

Linked to our focus story this week “ The Colour Monster” we have been discussing our feelings and what makes us happy, sad, angry etc During our creative session we explored the paints with our hands and observed how the colours changed and discussed patterns we were making.

We have been talking about how God made us and how special we are - we looked at our faces in the mirror and painted what we could see. We celebrated how unique we all are and can not wait to display our work in Pre School for everyone to see we belong to “ Pre School family “

We have had a warm first few days in pre-school ☀️ we have been keeping cool in our lovely shaded outdoor classroom and even had a paddle and splash in some nice cool water 🌞

We celebrated our class saint’s birthday today“ Our Mother Mary” we said said her special prayer and talked about her special son Jesus.We were so impressed to see that some children can already bless themselves 😊 We lit a candle for her and sang “ Happy Birthday “ we made her cakes, cards and flowers. We even sat in the Mary’s Garden for our snack and showed great respect. Truly proud of you all.

Wow what a busy first day we had in Pre School - you are all a credit to your families. We feel blessed to have you in our school family.