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Our Spring Learning Journey

The children are developing their social skills and developing their language as they interact with each others in a variety of social situations.

During our PE session we enjoyed learning some new “ Chase and Race “ games outside. The children are really developing their spatial awareness skills and developing their social skills becoming a real “ Team Player”

Look at all the ways we celebrated our Mothers this week- the children made an unique card for their Mum, and also made delicious cupcakes 🧁 The children feel truly blessed to have you as their “ Mum”and looking forward to spoiling YOU on Sunday.

We had so much fun when an actual “ Olympic Athlete came into school and taught us a PE lesson. She was so impressed with the children’s listening skills and their ability to follow instructions. SUPER PROUD 😊

Linked to our focus book “ The Little Red Hen” we decided to make bread but unlike the characters in the story ALL the children helped. Amazing Star Bakers!

Look at all our exciting learning taking place in Pre School. What a wonderful group of children - every day is a blessing shared with them.

The children are practicing and developing their Gross Motor Skills on a daily basis - they loved the body boards ( again teamwork together)

Physical Development - during our PE session. The children are beginning to develop their communication and negotiation skills as they take part in team games.

As we are learning all about how flour is made, we decided to use some flour to cook our own pancakes! The children shared the toppings they had on their pancakes last week and also created a shopping list, so we knew what ingredients we needed. In the phiz lab the children guided us, ‘we need a frying pan, and a bowl’. They played an active part in adding the ingredients and mixing them together. The children watched Mrs Pugh closely as she cooked and Flipped the pancake! We added our own toppings, bananas, raisins and sugar - DELICIOUS 🥞

Our new CST character is Poppy, we discussed what happened to Poppy through sharing her story. After learning that she lost her home we decided we could make her a new home to keep her safe.

Wow, the children blew us away with their singing and knowledge of Nursery Rhymes. We sang a range of rhymes together, using props to extend our learning. We then took it in turns to choose a rhyme and sing it in front of the class.

We have been playing team games in PE, and are continuing to develop our balancing skills through engaging our body parts. We have played a new game, Captains Coming! whereby the children had to do a specific action for the instruction given.

Our focus for ‘well-being’ is Take Notice, Pre-School have tuned into their Super Senses and made excellent suggestions of what the pictures could be. Throughout our learning we have been engaging our senses to notice more details within our environment.

We have launched our new topic, focusing on the importance of sharing. The children were brilliant at working as a team to create our very own windmill for our role play area. We are learning all about how flour is made through the story, ‘The Little Red Hen’. We have been retelling the story in a variety of ways, the children are beginning to understand that teamwork is important as well as sharing.

We have started to think about our Lenten Journey - we explored the 4th Station “ Where Jesus Meet is Mother “ which the children can relate to because Mother Mary is our Class Saint. The children acted out the scene to create our station of the cross which you we find in Mary’s Garden . What a beautiful space to poise and reflect.

We are confident exploring number, counting, measuring and even substituting.We used our imagination to create a story line still using mathematical language with the resources.

The children love to write 🖋️ in all areas of Pre School and develop their fine motor skills.

The children loved the day the characters from “ Little Red Riding Hood” came to play at Pre School - and came alive from the story.

Our children enjoy taking on other roles, today they were the staff in Pre school we even had Mrs Finnegan. It is wonderful to observe them making sense of their world. You can see they are even using “ Colourful Semantics “ in their independent play. Truly wonderful to see . They referred to the book as the Bible and said a prayer together ( acting out Head Assembly - and re enacting learning) Super .

The children enjoyed making sandwiches linked to our focus story “Little Red Riding Hood” they practised their fine motor skills.

The children are enjoying Building the Kingdom and love the CST characters in Pre School we are sharing the prayers and rhymes linked to them. They have made food for them using the play dough and a set of Rosary beads ( all independent during continuous provision) such “ Compassion and Loving “ children

During our RE lesson we had a visitor who came in to talk about their role as a “ Alter Server” it was a wonderful presentation and the children learnt so many facts.

Linked to our focus story “ Little Red Riding Hood” we made Jam tarts in the Phiz Lab for Grandma 👵

To develop our fine motor skills we enjoy Write Dance whereby the children respond to the music 🎵 they hear and use the crayons to create their feelings on paper.

Expressive,Arts and design - the children have been very creative and had a lot of fun exploring the paints using stampers, rollers, brushes and even their fingers. They discussed the feeling on their hands, the patterns and shapes they created. They have been really interested in maps ( linked to the journey Little Red Riding Hood went on ) So they have created their own working as a team and talking about the things they want to include in their pictures.

The children recorded the food they used when creating their Gruffalo pie. Lots of language was used when the children observed the changes in their mixtures.

The children were keen scientists and enjoyed creating Gruffalo pie, snake crumble linked to our focus story “ The Gruffalo “ They explored the different foods and engaged all of their senses whilst performing the experiments. They noticed and discussed the changes they saw and were keen to leave them overnight predicting what might happen to them.

For our maths focus we were focusing on routes and journeys and exploring maps. The children even made their own maps and took them outside to create a route on the playground for the children to follow on the bikes and scooters.

The children are continuing to develop their physical movements on the balance bikes and scooters. They can negotiate a safe way around obstacles and are becoming aware of others.

During PE the children explored the large apparatus they listened well and followed our safety rules. They thought about different ways of travelling on the equipment sliding, crawling, moving forward, backwards and even side ways like “ a crab” It was lovely to see their confidence grow as they challenged themselves.

Linked to our focus story “ The Gruffalo “ we went to forest school and made snake pie, fox crumble and lots more . The children loved to dig and find leaves to add to their pie .

Our children have learnt about “ Baptism “ we shared special garments and candle and learnt new vocabulary.. I hope you remember to share your “Baptism Photo’s with us .

We have started an exciting new term in pre school with beautiful new friends- we are so lucky! We asked the children what they knew about the woods? What would they see, hear, smell ..........The children created their own “ Woods” including lots of natural materials and fresh herds “ in our Role Play Area “ They bought the outdoors/ indoors ”