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Y6 Children 2022

This is what our Y6 leavers think of OLSK!



How does our school 'feel'? How does it make you feel?


Our school feels safe and because of this OLSK makes me feel happy as there is never a dull day at school but it also makes me feel secure as all the teachers make me feel unique and special in every way imaginable.


It is a nice place to do work and relax. It makes me feel calm and comfortable in a nice place.


It makes me feel safe and secure because there are gates so no one can get in .l also feel very lucky because the teachers are nice and they help me whenever I am stuck on a question.


I feel secure because there is teachers to help us and we have friends to talk to if we are sad about something.


School makes me feel safe and joyful. Although we learn lots in class, we have fun and laughter every lesson. In school, I feel safe because I know that the people around me are here to help and I can talk to them if I have any concerns.


This school is very positive because everywhere I look I see positive energy in people. It makes me feel very joyful because everywhere I go I have friends around me.


What has been the best thing for you about coming to OLSK?


The best thing for me about coming to OLSK is making new friends and learning new things from every teacher. Another best thing about coming to OLSK is the teachers are always so welcoming and comforting but are also the joy of every day.


The best thing has been the methods I have been taught to learn subjects inside and outside of school; outdoor learning, connecting with the environment, catholic social teaching week, the list just goes on and the teachers and TA's have prepared and taught it all. It's also knowing the time and effort the staff have put into making sure I can do the best I can.


Meeting new people and nice teachers and having a good time with my friends I’ve had a really good time here at OLSK well


The best thing about coming to Our Lady and St Kenelms in probably all of my friends I have made through all of these years


The best thing has been getting closer to God in the catholic faith because they have taught me all about him and they have shown me the gifts and talents of being a catholic.


The best thing about coming to this school is that everyone is kind and friendly. I also enjoy coming here because the teachers are really kind. I also like coming here because we do PE two times a week.


The best thing coming here was making new friends and learning new topics


For me the the best things about coming to school is seeing my teachers and friends and learning lots every lesson. Some of the friends I have made here I will probably keep for life.


How has being a pupil at a Catholic school made a difference to your life?


Being a member of a Catholic school has made an impact on my life as even though I am non-Catholic, I feel closer, connected more with God’s family, and inspired by his and many other saint’s humble ways.


It has changed my life because at a non-Catholic school we wouldn’t have Catholic social teaching like the dignity of the human person.


Being a pupil at a Catholic has made a difference to my life by bringing me so much closer to God it has helped me and will continue to help me throughout my life by teaching how to live correctly through the bible and the Ten Commandments.


Gospel virtues prepare me to be a greater disciple of Jesus as each and every one of these values have a important meaning we should all follow and learn to be better people from and not just for our self’s but for all people in need.


Because now I know all about God and the wonderful things he has done so I can take that inspiration through the journey of my life and I can remember what he has done for us.


They have changed a lot in me for being a catholic because they have helped me express my feeling about having the religion of being a catholic and they have helped me through the 7 years of being here with my religion.


It has made me more closer to God and it has taught me many things that you should and shouldn’t do. Coming to a Catholic school has taught me to always believe in God because if you do he will always believe in you and he will guide you.


To show witness to your faith, what parish activities have you take part in and what have you thought about them?


I have taken part in Catholic Social Teaching and have thought about the best way to turn all the worries and issues into action and do the best I can to make the world a better place for all.  I have also taken part in Confirmation workshops and tried my best in all activities I have been blessed with.


I go to my parish church on Sundays and with school I went to the stations of the cross during Easter and I also go to St Kenelms Church.


I have taken part in singing and listening, I have thought that God is listening to us all the time.


I have taken part in stewardship of God’s creation it has made me think that we need to do something so that people after us have a nice clean and healthy planet to live on.


I been to church most weekends and walked through the stations of the cross.  I have prayed in mass to help all the people in need and prayed for members of my family.


I serve in mass and have been to St Chad’s Cathedral. When I was a baby my mom took me to Lourdes with the Parish.


I went to church to pray and listen to the stations of the cross which made me feel joyful and upset at the same time because he sacrificed his life for us. We also went to St Chads Cathedral which made me grateful because I get to experience and explore the history of the cathedral.



Are you part of any groups in school e.g. Liturgy Leaders, Mini-Vinnies etc? 


I am a part of the Mini Vinnies, school council and lunch bunch and everyone of these jobs have shown me how to treat others with respect as they deserve and also open my eyes wider to really see how to be mature and help others in the best way I can.


I am a part of digital leaders and this have prepared me by learning how to use the internet safely and know how to use it so I can help others.


Yes I am Minnie vinnie president ans I am also: an eco council, a DAB and I am a prefect as well. They have prepared me for high school because I can show good compassion and resilience there.


I am a prefect this job has made me ready for whatever I have to do in high school. I also am a prayer partner I can use this skill to look after someone who is younger than me .


I am a deputy head boy and was a preschool prefect and science ambassador. Being deputy head boy has helped me develop my confidence and speaking more to other people.


I am a prefect and I am a member of lunch bunch . Doing these jobs has prepared me for high school because it teaches me to be sensible and to be kind and helpful to others .


I am part of many jobs but the two which have impacted me the most is Liturgy leader and Liberian. Liturgy leader because God is always listens to me so I make sure to make time for God. Librarian because it made me realise how important reading is.



How do the Gospel Values prepare you to be a disciple of Jesus e.g. Learned and Wise, Curious and Active?


Generous and grateful help me prepare by being kind to others and what ever I get I will be thankful so this helps me be a disciple of Jesus because I am donating and helping anyone in need.


The Gospel Values prepare me to be a disciple of Jesus to help each other when they are struggle and forgive each other even they did something wrong.


It made sure that I always do the right thing and to do everything that Jesus had asked for so I can be a perfect disciple of Christ.


They prepare us to be learned so to listen to our teachers and to have wise choices. It prepares us to be curious so to believe what we believe


The gospel values helped me be a disciple of Jesus because now I know what it takes to be a good disciple and I will take away the virtues into my later life.


Gospel Virtues has helped me become a disciple of Jesus by telling me what I should aim to be and how I should aim to act.


I think we have been taught the best ways of embracing our love for God and how to follow his footsteps, I hope to be a follower of him when I am old enough for people to help me accomplish that dream.


Curious and Active will help me look more into the life of Jesus and the bible. Learned and wise helps me spread the teachings of Jesus and what I have learnt in R.E.


How would you describe the children in our school?


I would describe all children in school as eager to learn and always joyous and excited to learn more and connect more with Gods family and follow is his inspirational teachings.


I would describe the children in our school as kind and caring and they help each other when they need it. They help the teachers and listen to the lessons.


I would say the children are amazing as wherever we go on trips they always compliment our behaviour.


The children in our school are very kind and caring people. They are all very generous and friendly.


They are very kind and always help on another. If anyone is upset we always know how to cheer them up. We make sure everyone is included and no one left out. Most importantly our school is one big family!


Polite, friendly and great manners because everything I see is friends playing with each other and polite to everyone.


I would describe all of them as loving as they are all nice to each other and when there ever mean to each other they always say sorry and always friends again so it’s as we’re all a family in this community.


That they are hard working and work very well as a team not only that they had done so much they should be titled the best pupils a school could have.


I would describe them as really kind people who make this school a lovely place they are kind hearted and they would help anyone who needs it.


The children at our school are very reverent, respectful and funny. They are really kind and great to make friends with.



How would you describe the staff in our school?


I would describe the staff in OLSK as welcoming and caring as each member of staff always makes me laugh and teaches me how to go down the right path and shine out for a better future as staff they never put themselves first and would do anything to benefit each children’s life’s to full potential.


The staff are all very loving as they are always by your side and they keep you safe. Also, they always help you if you need it and they help you improve.


The staff are all very kind and they are very important otherwise, we couldn’t had achieved anything without them.


The staff in our school are kind and generous and they will sort out problems if there’s anything wrong in our school.


I would say that the staff are exceptional because whenever you’re sad they comfort you and make you feel better and whenever you have a problem they sort it out and are there for you.


The teachers do their very best to teach us to get ready for any obstacles in the future and present. The cleaner tidies the room ready for us to learn.


I would describe them as tremendous people who work really hard to teach us things. They are kind hearted and they helped me to learn everyday.



If you were a Governor, what would you do to make our school even better?


I would add some things in the ks1 and 2 adventure playground.


I would add a therapy room that is open to anyone at anytime.


I would add in some swings by the adventure playground and add a slide somewhere where there's some space.​


This school does not need any changes as this school is an amazing place to learn and have fun.


Which High School are you going to and what made you choose that High School?


I am going to Hagley high school because my sisters go there and because it’s Catholic.


I am going Hagley because I want to continue my Catholic journey from primary to high school I also chose this because my sister also goes here.


I am going to Hagley because it is a Catholic school and they have a wide range of subjects and classes.


.I chose Hagley because my family have gone there and they have all had a good experience


I am going to Hagley because OLSK is a feeder school to it, I am a Catholic and I have a brother who goes to Hagley as well.


I am going to Hagley high school . I am going here because it has a lot of learning and sports opportunity’s to offer . I am also going there because my brother goes there and it’s close to my house.

I am going to Windsor as my brother goes there, it seems like a great opportunity for me to shine out for a better future and I live very close to Windsor.


I’m going to Windsor and I chose that one because I live very close to there and it’s a very good school for education and sports. It’s the best for sports in the Nation. Also my friends are going there so it would be very good and fun. It has a big field and Astro turf so here is a lot of space to play football or rugby, maybe even basketball.


I’m going to Wolverhampton Girls High School, my sister goes there.


St Paul’s because it offers lots of different opportunities in life. Some people have gone to a college in London! Everyone is very friendly there and the teachers are very supportive.


What will you miss about OLSK?


I will miss all the loving and caring teachers surrounding me with knowledge and inspirational teaching to benefit my later life.


I will miss all my friends and teachers and all of us as one family which I wish could be forever. Also I will miss all what I have done to this school like helping it to be a happy place.


All of the teachers that I had so much fun making so many different kinds of memories that could last forever and ever and all the friends that I have met and had fun with since the first day I had started school in OLSK in year 3.


I will miss the laughter that the whole class has had and the people I have met. I will also miss the teachers.


Most of all I will miss all of my great best friends but I will also miss all of the great teachers that have helped me out along my OLSK journey.


My friends and all the teachers that have been with me throughout my year in OLSK and also all the memories I had in this school.


The memories I had made is that I have made so many friends and had done so many fun things with them and I love the teachers I had worked with they are so funny even though I might never see them again I wish that I will remember them from a child all the way to adulthood.