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Y6 wrote letters of application to be Head Girl or Head Boy. They then presented them to Mrs Finnegan and Mrs Turner. Even those isolating at home presented through Teams.

Year 1 went on a hunt for common exception words in their outdoor classroom!

Year 6 read wherever they can!

Year 5 used their VIPERS skills to focus on summarising their class poem into a storyboard!

Year 4 made & tasted their own sherbet powder as part of their Literacy work on writing instructions 😋

Year 3 love drama role play! They explored how structure contributes to the meaning of the fiction poem ‘At the End of the School Day’. They looked at Haikus, rhyming couplets and the structure of each stanza. They are the future OLSK Poets! 🥳

All of the classes performed for the school in our Harvest Assembly

We love Read, Write Inc and are enjoying our new groups!