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This is an Outstanding Catholic school because:

▪ All members of the school community are deeply committed to the development of Catholic Life, Religious Education and Collective Worship at Our Lady and St Kenelm School.
▪ Pupils, staff, parents and governors all contribute to a planned and systematic evaluation of Catholic Life and the mission of the school.
▪ Staff are passionate about Religious Education and have high expectations of pupils who respond with enthusiasm and commitment.
▪ Governors have a clear understanding of their role. They are totally committed to the school and have robust systems in place to both support and hold the school to account.
▪ Assessment and moderation of Religious Education is embedded in the school cycle of self-evaluation and there is clear evidence of impact on achievement.
▪ Pupils demonstrate very high levels of reverence and respect during all opportunities for Collective Worship but especially during the whole school celebration of the Mass.
▪ Pupils of all ages confidently and competently, plan and lead Collective Worship.
▪ The headteacher is an outstanding role model. She leads the school with joy,
commitment and high expectations.
▪ All recommendations from the previous inspection and monitoring visit have been
met by the school.

Since the previous inspection in April 2013, you have been successful in maintaining the very high standards of behaviour and the excellent attitudes to learning that were reported. You and the senior leaders have high expectations of pupils and staff. Since your appointment, you have made some effective changes to modernise the school and further improve the provision for all pupils.

Staff and pupils agree that behaviour in lessons, around the school buildings and in the playground is very positive and often exemplary. This is because pupils know how to behave well, they demonstrate high levels of self-control and have a clear understanding of what is expected.

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