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Science Days

We are learning how to take care of living things like our flowers we planted in our hanging baskets. It is lovely to hear the children remind the adults to water them. Oh the children were so excited to find a collection of mini beasts in the cupboards outside Pre School. They were able to name them and talk about their features.

The children had to work out how to get the transport out of the ice - they used their senses.

The children were eager to find out how Hot Air Balloons work - Miss McCrum wrote down their questions and then they found out the answers using the internet. Our role play is also a Hot Air Balloon and the children use their maps to travel to different destinations.

Wow! We were very impressed with all the different projects that we saw at the Science Fair.

Linked to our focus story “Goldilocks and the three Bears” we made porridge 🥣. The children made observations on the ingredients before, during and after cooking.Talking about the appearance, texture and consistency of the ingredients.

The children are beginning to understand the need to respect and care for the natural environment and all living creatures. We made some bird feeders to help them through the cold weather.

The children loved 🥰 our topic on SPACE - they really got fully immersed in the learning and learnt some great new facts and vocabulary.

In Forest School we worked as a team to plan and make shelters for our cuddly toys 🧸. Our challenge was to use the correct materials and work out how to attach them to the trees so that our toys would stay dry over night ! We even performed the water test- and was pleased with the results.

Linked to our focus Story the children had the opportunity to taste a variety of fruits and describe how it tasted, what it felt like, what it smelt like. They used words such as sweet, juicy, hard, soft, fury and prickly.

The children can use all of their senses as they explore the outdoor environment. They noticed the changes in the weather and could talk about it, using a wider vocabulary.

We were dressed as scientists 👩‍🔬 and enjoyed exploring the balloons 🎈