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Solidarity and the Common Good


Solidarity means that we are interested in the good of all, even of people nobody thinks about because they have no voice and no power. The goods of the earth are there for everyone. The common good consists not only of the material or external good of all human beings; it also includes the comprehensive good of the human being, including even the spiritual good.

The common good of society is not an end in itself. It is only part of a bigger picture, the ultimate end of which is God. 

Solidarity of the Common Good in the classrooms

Solidarity of the Common Good! These boys came to celebrate their rap that they created for CST with me this afternoon! 💕💕 So proud! Can’t wait to see what music they add to it next week! ☺️


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Solidarity of the Common Good! ☺️

The children in Year 2 discussed how we can create peace and what peace means to us as part of our Solidarity and the common good week. The children created beautiful posters on what peace means to them. They have also been using their artistic talents to create a painting to illustrate solidarity.


As part of our Catholic Social Teaching week on Solidarity and the Common Good, Y5 are researching how and where CAFOD works for the good of all people!