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Our Autumn Learning Journey

Christmas has truly begun in Pre School- the children enjoyed an Advent assembly with Reception, decorated the tree, learnt about the wonderful Nativity story, and created a Santa’s Workshop.

Super dragon dancing in PE today, even our Reception friends came to join us!

What a wonderful start to our day we did class worship whereby we reflected on all of God wonderful gifts and shared prayers. The children enjoyed setting up the prayer table and talking about the people who care for them at home and at School. We even learnt a new song “ Who is the King of the jungle ?”

Today we challenged ourselves physically by using The Large Play equipment outside. We had so much fun ! We were “ swinging, balancing, crawling,climbing, and jumping!”

The children were excited today when they saw lots of colourful balloons in pre school, it instantly gave little Kenelm’s a party atmosphere. We shared the story of Gordon’s Great Escape and had a lot of fun playing with the balloons both inside and outside. We even gave each balloon its own facial features!

Wow what a fun and active PE session we had ! Linked to our Celebrations topic we had a imaginative bonfire party, whereby we moved around the large space as fireworks. The children were confident to suggest different ways of moving and share their ideas with the group. We talked about what happens to our bodies when we exercise.

EYFS Harvest Celebrations!!

Wow we had tremendous fun today in PE with our colourful ribbons - some of us even managed to handle two at the same time effectively!!!

We have been focusing on the“ Monkey Puzzle “ story this week in our learning , and the children loved it when we used the school hall to act out and move like the animals in the book.

What a lovely morning all together in Reception!

Pre-School joined YR this morning!

Today we had fun exploring the torches in our new hide away - our circus tent. Lots of language was shared , the children took turns with the equipment and lots of laughter was heard throughout Pre School. Our physical focus was ball skills today and the children again worked as part of a team to throw and catch / great fun was had by all.

The children were so excited to visit the BIG school on Friday. They were fantastic detectives and found many beautiful crosses, statues of Our Mother Mary, Joseph and the AMAZING stain glass window, about the creation( a story we have shared in pre school.) We even found Mrs Finnegan’s office so we popped in for a chat!

Thank you children for looking so GREAT today in your Disney costumes and for bringing in your money to help the children who are in hospital. We thought about them and said a prayer to Mother Mary / Our class Saint asking her to keep them safe.

It is so heart warming to see the Pre school children come into the setting with a smile on their faces. They are interacting with their peers and even instigated a conga around the setting ( all before 9.00 am)

The official opening of pre School was a truly wonderful morning. The children were AMAZING and made us feel so proud. We celebrated with cakes, juice, balloons and even took home a party bag!

The pre school children are gaining in confidence as they access Forest School. Please ask them about the crocodile game and what they found living under the logs. One them even suggested that we have horses living in the Forest School shed .

We enjoyed the morning climbing, balancing, swinging on the adventure playground.

Wow look at us all having fun in our outdoor classroom!

Pre school enjoyed exploring the great outdoors in “forest school”