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British Science Week

We loved being scientists 🧑‍🔬 exploring the magnets 🧲 and discovering what will stick and why it does. Investigating the water play with a variety of containers, jugs, pumps, pipettes and we even add jelly to it to see what would happen . We also use the torches 🔦 and the Bear caves.

The children engaged all their senses as they explored the natural materials in Forest School. They are able to talk about what they see, hear ,smell, touch in the outdoors. They are beginning to understand key features of a living things like plants and mini beasts.

The children enjoyed making Jelly this week it gave them a chance to explore materials and talk about differences between materials and changes they notice. They used new vocabulary such as solid, liquid, set, measuring words such as millimetres and pints. Then just like the Little Red Hen they enjoyed eating it.