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If you were a Governor, what would you do to make our school even better?


'I think I would add a room which children could attend to relax or go to for comfort so they may block out all problems they may face in school life'


'Employ more teaching assistants'


'If I was a governor I would add a trampoline for PE so we could learn all these tricks like front flips and backflips'


'I would extend the adventure playground for key stage 2 without cutting down trees and bring back animals to forest school such as chickens, rabbits and mice.'


'Raise enough money to have a pool for when it’s to hot to breathe'


'I would help them to get more equipment to help bring out the best in every student the best they can.'


'I would implement more equipment and better equipment for the school, while still keeping it in our price budget.'


'Nothing really it is great currently!😄👍'


'A class cat.'


'Have more art days and more baking lessons'


'I would update the KS2 adventure playground.'


'I don’t think there is more things to improve in our school'


'I would update the adventure playgrounds and make it more colourful in both adventure playgrounds.'


'I can't think or anything that could make this school better.'