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Autumn Parents Consultation Evening


We hope that everyone who came to Parents Consultation Evening found it useful and enjoyed looking at and celebrating all of the amazing work that your child has produced since the beginning of the school year. Thank-you to everyone who took the time to complete the questionnaire with their feedback. The answers are below.


How did you find using the booking system for the Parents Consultation Evening?


100% = Very easy


'Was allocated the choice that I had put down'


'Quick and easy'


'Easy and straightforward'


'The system is very straightforward.'


'The booking system was simple, easy and user friendly.'


'The link worked quickly and appointment was booked in seconds. Mrs Ray organised a time to suit my other child’s appointment.'


'Quick and simple'


'Easy to use and got time slot I wanted'



Was the Consultation informative and worthwhile?


100% = Yes


'Gave good detailed feedback'


'Good overview and nice to have a little report to take away as well'


'Miss Meese was well prepared and was able to answer all my questions. Thank you!'


'It’s great to hear how the children are getting on in class because it helps for us to adapt our support at home.'


'Miss Carey knows our son very well and gave us some lovely feedback along with well thought out targets for his next steps.'


'I liked the approach Miss Meese has taken to evaluate my daughter’s learning journey in Y2. It was a celebration of hard work and also targets were set up to work on for the future. This has given me a full picture of how my child is doing. Thank you!

I also had a good chat with Miss Candlin and celebrated my son’s learning journey in reception. It was very informative as well as targeted at important areas. Thank you!'


'I feel like the teachers know my children very well. Staff are just lovely and it's clear they care very much about the children. It's great to have information about what my children are doing well and also what they will be working towards next. Great to be able to look through learning journey for pre-school and look again through the books from year 1.'


'The teacher gave me an insight into my child's progress and very constructive feedback and always good to hear lots of praises.'


'Both teachers clearly knew our children well and their personalities. It was good to know what their next steps are and how to help them on specific targets at home.'


'Lovely to receive such a warm welcome from Mrs Finnegan. She took the time to talk to us when we arrived and wished us well when we left. Under her leadership, the school looks great - the learning environments look good and full of children's work. Keep up the great work Mrs F and thank you.'


'I already knew where my child was academically, but it was useful to know how she behaved in a classroom setting compared to out of school.'


'It's nice to have a sit down and discuss how things are going with the class teacher as sometimes after school the children don't give you much back about the day. Lovely to hear the areas they are thriving and useful to know what areas need some work so we can work with them at home.'


'So lovely to get an insight to our daughters education and social experiences at school- we love this school but getting that one on one time with her teacher really solidifies just how nurtured and cared for she is when at school'


'Teacher was welcoming and positive'




Did you have enough time with the class teacher, to discuss your child's progress & achievement?


91% = Yes

9% = No


'Time could be extended to 10min.'


'There was no pressure on timing and this allowed for asking all sorts of questions to be able to fully support our children learning at home.'


'We didn't feel rushed at all and had all of our questions answered.'


'I always feel like parents evening is rushed because the school only allow 5 minutes per appointment, which is one of the only schools in the area not to give ten minute appointments, I know this is to help the teachers and to keep it to 1 night instead of 2. But the school only offers 2 parents evenings a year so you only allow ten minutes a year for communication with our children’s teacher. I don’t feel this is adequate especially as teachers are not easily approachable as they are up a ramp, so we cannot ask for a quick word.'


'Good conversation'



Did you receive sufficient information about your child's progress & attainment?


100% = Yes


'There was plenty and it was structured enough to make it easier to remember and focus on.'


'Staff are very knowledgeable and explained in detail.'


'The report is very informative and clear targets set.'


'Teacher explained progress and expectations'



Were you given the opportunity to ask questions and gather more information about your child, during the meeting- celebrating successes and areas for development?


100% = Yes


'I asked few questions I had but generally the teachers are available day to day at the gates, which makes them very approachable at any times.'


'It was really nice to be able to have that 2-way dialogue and the opportunity to ask questions.'


'Yes but there really isn’t enough time to ask everything needed'


'Absolutely- Mrs Mitchell covered everything and we had time to ask a couple of questions at the end which she answered perfectly'


'Looked through child's books in classroom'



Did you find the Report Sheet regarding your child's current attainment, easy to understand?


95% = Yes

5% = No


'Very straightforward!'


'Very good report made clear explanation.'


'It’s great to take something home to remember specific targets.'


'I do not like the report sheet they are automated sheets that do not reflect on the children individually'



Are there any other comments you would like to add regarding Parents Consultation Evening?


'Thank you for the opportunity to discuss my child progress.'


'It was very clear that Miss Moran knew our child very well and she spoke so confidently about our child's achievements and areas for development. As parents we now know what areas our child will need support in at home.  Miss Candlin was very complimentary about our child and despite being off with an injury, it's clear she knows them very well. Again, we know the areas they are excelling in, and their next steps.'


'Lovely feedback, so pleased with how both children are coming along and settling in! Both teachers couldn’t be more supportive and kind, especially with my daughter! Thank you'


'Thank you to all of the teachers for taking the time out of their evening to go through my children’s progress in School.'


'Lovely to be able to come into school and speak with the staff. Have a lovely, well deserved half term break.'


'Thank you for your time and efforts in evaluating each of my children individually.'


'A really productive evening. We came out feeling thoroughly impressed with what our girls have achieved and look forward to what they will achieve through the rest of the year! Mrs Ray and Mrs Mitchell were so welcoming and approachable, as always.'


'The welcoming staff all around the school for the evening was excellent and thanks for the great support and guidance.'


'Have a wonderful half term all'


'Great to see the classrooms and children work, to see the work they’ve been doing in school & the progress they’ve made since September.'


'I think there should be more opportunities through the class year to look and and see our children’s progress and to have more communication between parents and teachers'


'I am amazed at how Miss Meese knows all the children already. She talked about my child in such a kind caring way and I know she has all the children at the heart of all she does for them. My child loves her and the TA and really enjoys coming to school. I am so proud my child is in her class every day. Thank you Miss Meese- have a great half term holiday.'


'Lovely, easy, short and sweet meeting with just enough information that we can help with at home too.'


'Just thank you once again for everything the school does for our daughter, we are amazed about how well she is doing, how much she loves school and thank you for keeping classrooms open to view workbooks'


'Well organised and informative'


'I really could see the impact the teachers are making on my children and I want to express my utmost gratitude to the teachers and wonderful management of the school. Thank you.'


'I'm very pleased with my child's progress and most importantly, how happy he is. Many thanks to Mr Hyde and Mrs P for all their hard work.'