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Welcome to OLSK's SEND page. 


Our mission statement talks about 'bringing out the best in EVERYONE' and this, we hope, is certainly true of our pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. We understand that no child is the same -they are all unique and in turn have their own strengths and areas for development. If a child requires additional support we will always endeavour to put into place whatever they require to fulfil their potential.  


External support


As a school we can call on expert support from external agencies such as:


  • Learning Support - to provide support with learning.
  • Physical, Visual and Hearing impairment services -to provide support and guidance with physical disabilities.
  • Educational Psychology Services - to support emotional / psychological needs.
  • Early Help Services - to support families who are experiencing a range of needs.
  • Speech and Language (NHS) - to support any language needs
  • Sycamore Centre - to support behavioural / emotional / nurture needs.
  • NHS -to support pupils with any medical issues they are experiencing. 

The right support at the right time for families:
We maintain a nurturing environment. Our practices prioritise mental health and social development. We are a buffer for vulnerable families before early help is available. We foster strong community links and provide a hub for vulnerable families whenever they need us.


We firmly believe & encourage positive relationships between families and school. In class, we provide a variety of strategies to engage all children, including: 
Wave 1: scaffolded tasks for specific needs
Wave 2: carefully selected in-class, small group and 1:1 intervention
Wave 3: external assessment and expertise

If you have any concerns at all about your child please speak to their class teacher or our Inclusion Manager (Mrs Mitchell) as soon as you can. There are no silly questions! If you are concerned please come and have a chat. 

The Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.


From September 2014 a new Code of Practice will be in place. Children who are identified as having a Special Educational need will receive a graduated response to their individual needs.  This is called ‘additional SEN Support’.  It has been designed to be a more simplified, rigorous approach with the focus being on the impact of the support provided to that individual child.



Dudley SEND Inspection Letter

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