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Phonics Screening

Phonics Screening 2022

In June, the children in Year 1 will sit their Phonics screening test.

This will involve the children using the sounds they have learnt in phonics lessons to decode and read a range of real words and 'alien' words (made up words).

The work we are doing in Read Write Inc. throughout the year will be preparing the children for their Phonics Screening Test.

Please click on the link below to find out information about the Phonics Screening.


Additional resources and activities to do at home

Set 3 sounds (RWI)

A lot of the Year 1 children are working hard on Set 3 sounds from RWI. It is really important that the children feel really confident with each sound and can read both real and alien words with these sounds in.

Here are some activities to help your child at home with Set 3.

ea (as in tea)

oi (as in spoil)

a–e (as in cake)

i–e (as in smile)

o–e (as in home)

u–e (as in huge) 

aw (as in yawn)

are (as in care)

ur (as in nurse)

er  (as in letter)

ow (as in brown)

ai  (as in snail)

oa (as in goat)

ew (as in chew)

ire (as in fire)

ear (as in hear)

ure (as in pure)

Parent video: Reading the Set 3 sounds and words with your child

Watch how Jo reads set 3 sounds and words with Eve at home. Spelling Set 3 words with your child: and tu...