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KS1 Nativity


What did parents think?


"I was blown away by the preparation that went into this production. A credit to the children and staff who have clearly worked really hard and helped to spread some Christmas cheer! Xx"


"Absolutely 100% amazing. The children were exceptional and looked amazing. Well done and thank you to all the teachers for all their hard work. Fantastic school."


"A beautiful nativity service."


"Wonderful performance 😊"


"The children were fantastic. Very well put together and rehearsed."


"Excellent performance. Credit to the staff, school and parents. Very professional."


"The Nativity was a magical and greatly enjoyable experience for everyone. The Children with the assistance of the all the teacher's brought home the true meaning of Christmas."


"This was a brilliant performance thank you to all the staff, children and parents."


"All the children performed exceptionally well. Well done to the teachers for the efforts put in with the kids towards making the nativity play a success."


"Wow! What a performance! Well done to all the children for a wonderful play and thank you to the staff for all your hard work."


"What a lovely nativity! We really enjoyed every single aspect of the performance. Great acting (biased as parents but we loved the Donkey!), wonderful singing and very happy children throughout the performance. It was clear to see that a lot of work has gone into this play behind the scenes so a massive well done to all of the staff for their creativity, hard work and patience. It all came together beautifully and I hope they are very proud of themselves. A great nativity! Well done and congratulations to all involved."