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Autumn 2

Stewardship of God's Creation- Are we scarring or cultivating the earth?

Our question for this term of ‘Are we scarring or cultivating the earth?’ will be explored through the Catholic Social Teaching lens of Stewardship of God’s Creation across the curriculum.


In science we will explore this through looking at the natural world as we study rocks. We will study the different properties of rocks and use key terminology to categorise different groups of rocks. Our earth is a wonderous place, and we will study the natural processes that occur on our earth and how this may impact God’s creation. As scientists we will conduct a range of tests and gather, record, classify and present data to help answer questions. We will develop our artistic skills through recreating a form of a natural object. We will carefully research, experiment and plan our final design with God’s creation at the forefront of our minds. As musicians we will explore how music can connect us to the environment. We will recognise the natural sounds that our earth makes and incorporate this into a final piece.


Children will also be encouraged to share their own ideas or experiences throughout this, allowing them to build curious minds. Throughout this study we will be continually building upon our skills and knowledge. The children will continue to answer CST Big Questions to allow them to reflect and think deeply about the creation of our earth.