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Our Spring Learning Journey

17.01.22- RSHE

As part of our Solidarity and The Common Good week we discussed what peace means. We had so many different ideas. We then made posters and some might be appearing around school! 

14.01.22- Science

Today in science we learned all about our heart rate. We predicted what exercise would make our heart rate go faster and what exercise would make our heart rate go slower. We counted our pulse for 1 minute and recorded our results. 🏃🏼🏃🏻‍♀️


5.01.22- Science

Today we collected data on our favourite foods in our class. We collected the data by using a tally chart and then recorded our results on a block diagram. The most popular favourite food in Year Two was fruit! 🍓🥭🍊

5.01.22- PE

We were practising our skills today in PE. We practised controlling the beanbag by balancing it on different body parts. We also challenged ourselves by seeing how many times we could clap in between throwing and catching the beanbag.