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Summer 2

Is influence long lasting?

… it is our vision that our children will become advocates for social justice, fighters for        sustainability, seekers of equality and leaders seeking to become “builders of a new             humanity” (Pope Francis).

Through the delivery of this unit of work, children will develop an understanding of the Roman Empire and how they treated people within society. We will research if we treat people better now and how technology has influenced us throughout history.


Children in Year 4 will develop a chronological understanding of the Roman Empire and the impact it has made on modern history. Children will reflect on the choices made by historical figures before them and understand that it is our responsibility to ensure that people are treated as equals. As St John Henry Newman said, “I am created to do something for which no one else is created; I have a place in God’s counsels, in God’s world, which no one else has”. Through their historical enquiry, children will investigate the choices that previous historical figures have made within the Roman Empire and if current world leaders make similar choices.