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Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshop


What did parents think?


"I found the suggestions for different approaches to get your child to open up about their worries and to self-regulate very useful."


"The explanations and different strategies given ,very well explained of how we as parents, carers, helpers could view things around us to then help others whether this person maybe our own child, someone loses child or someone next close to us who maybe in need, hiding behind a smile suffering their own battles within the inside . Thank you so very much for you information given, for your time and support."


"Mrs Smith was really professional and knowledgeable about the subject matter. The school are doing a great job to support not only the children but the parents too. We really appreciate that Mrs F makes herself available all the time, including weekends and holidays to support us."


"Mrs Smith was very good at explaining the topic for us parents and how we can support our children to have a healthy mind and a happy head :)"


"Information about what is done is school to support children and parents Staff who are at the forefront to help reminders of how you can help your child’s mental health at home"


"Just a big thank you - school is flourishing and we are very proud that our children attend this school."


"Thanks for organising the workshop, I’m glad I was able to attend. As a mum who has a son with autism, the topic has offered useful information that I will incorporate in supporting my child’s well being."


What could be improved?


"This is the second workshop this term where other parents have brought their children and not taken them out when they have become disruptive. This is really difficult for both the presenter who is trying to talk over the noise and the other parents who are trying to listen."