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What was life like for the Anglo-Saxons and Scots in Britain?

In this history driver, we will be exploring the history and geography curriculum through what life was like for the Anglo-Saxons and Scots in Britain and why they chose to settle here.

As Historians, we will continue to develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of British, local and world history, exploring how the Roman Empire came to an end which led onto the Anglo-Saxons creating their own settlements around Britain- particularly exploring the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms that were established.


Through an in depth study during the Spring term, we will explore who the Scots and Anglo-Saxons were, where they came from and why they chose to settle in Britain, as well as what life was like in an Anglo-Saxon village, the jobs they did and the clothes that they wore. We will learn about Alfred the Great and his significance in Anglo-Saxon history and also explore what we can learn about Anglo-Saxon culture from a range of artefacts including learning how they wrote things down using runes. We will also investigate religious practices of the Anglo-Saxons including the gods that they worshipped and how they came to learn about and practice Christianity. We will use a range of sources and research to inform our knowledge and will explore the similarities and differences between the Anglo-Saxon culture, other historical culture and our modern day culture.


As geographers, we will revisit our geographical skills of using maps and atlases to locate the countries and movement of the Scots and Anglo-Saxons across the world- thinking about where they travelled from, how they travelled and the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms and how they relate to places in Great Britain today. We will discuss the human and physical characteristics of these locations from past and present, comparing their similarities and differences to other parts of the world. 


Through revisiting and progressing our skills and learning, these golden nuggets of knowledge will be embedded in our long term memories!