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Biography Research 20.04.23 DUE IN 25.04.23

Next week in Year 4 the children are writing biographies linked to Vocations week. I would like them to choose someone in their family to interview about the job that they do and make some notes to bring into school next week to help them write their biography.


Some areas they might like to research are:

  • Early life- when and where their chosen person was born, where they grew up, family members/siblings, where they went to school, did they always want to do the job they have ended up doing.
  • Inspirations- what made them decide to follow their chosen career path, what training did they do and where, what obsticles did they meet along the way, any challenges to achieving their job.
  • Current Day- What they have achieved, what their job role includes, any awards, what they enjoy most about their job.


Due in Tuesday 25th April 2023