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Dignity of the Human Person 23.11.22 DUE IN 30.11.22

Next week is our Catholic Social Teaching week focused on the theme- Dignity of the Human Person. Therefore, our EBL question will be focused on this theme instead of our Romans topic.


What special gifts have you been given for the world and how will you use them? 


  1. What are your special gifts (talents)? 
  2. Which of these gifts do you value for yourself? 
  3. Which gifts have you been given that you can use for others? 
  4. Why do you have these gifts? 
  5. What should you be learning to do with them? 
  6. How will your gifts bring happiness to others and make the world a better place? 
  7. Can you link your reflection to any age-appropriate Human Rights issues? 


Due on Wednesday 30th November 2022