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Coding a traffic light system!

Creating our Christmas cards for the Parish!

Gymnastics- practicing different kinds of rolls!

Investigating how grip on a shoe affects the force of friction!

Using paper helicopters to test the force of air resistance!

Our Reindeer Run!

Showing some visitors around our projects!

Exploring CAFOD’s world gifts shop and thinking of fundraising ideas to raise money for the cause!

Plotting the journey of Mary and Joseph and modern day refugees!

Britpop filming!


Writing Kindness Day messages for each other!

Day of Prayer retreat day with Dan and Emily!

Investigating if heavier objects always fall faster than lighter objects!


Making our coding more efficient!

Practicing our songs with Mr M!

How has Halesowen changed in the last 100 years?

Rain didn’t stop us playing tag rugby!

Using climate change data to create line graphs!

Painting poppies for Remembrance Day!

Singing with Mr M!

Using storyboards to summarise a poem!

Modelling the movement of the moon!

Forest School!

Studying and designing Ancient Greek architecture!

Using orienteering skills to direct our partners!

Investigating Moon Craters!

Creating freeze frames for each of the Beatitudes!

We explored what Jesus said when he told us to be salt and light!

In PE we used compasses to plot routes around the playground!

Acting out the movement and position of the planets in our solar system!

TT Rockstars!

Practicing passing in Tag Rugby!

Representing Psalm 139- we were knit together by God before we were even born!

PE- building up our endurance!

Our first session with Mr Mallinson!

Practicing our number fluency!

PE warm up and team games!

Partner reading the legend of Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow!

Family and Community Week- we learnt all about the story of Ruth and Naomi!

Team-building PE games!