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Maths Homework- 11.11.22 DUE IN 18.11.22

  • On our class page, click on the useful websites link.
  • Click on the top link 'Practice MTC Online'
  • Complete the times tables quiz.


Once you have finished, record your score in your homework book.

Choose 3 or 4 of the questions you got incorrect (red ones) and practice them over the course of the week- see if you can know them quickly and off by heart by next Friday. You can use any strategies and record drawings or notes in your homework book to help you if you wish.


DO NOT WORRY if you get a low score. The whole point of practising is to keep getting better and improving. Don't worry about what score anyone else gets, just focus on beating your own score each time, so if you get 5/25 the first time, aim for 6/25 next time and so on.