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Information for EBL this week:

As your research books are still in school, please can you watch the video below to find out what life was like living in the cities in Victorian England. (You might want to find some other videos yourself too) You don’t have to do the activity at the end of the video. 

We are learning about Rights and Responsibilities- you could chat with your family about any rights that city factory workers didn’t have.

This will help us to understand why George Cadbury’s venture to create better conditions for his workers was so necessary.

Our lesson will be on Tuesday 18th June.

In this brand new series we explore what life was like during the Victorian Era. Jump back in time with me and explore 19th Century Britain. We take a look at what is was like to live during the 1800s, the differences between the rich and poor, and we look at what life was like for Victorian kids.

Welcome back to Summer 2 and the final half term in Year 1!


Things to note:

  • Phonics Screening Check window: Week beginning Monday 10th June.

Your child will carry out the check with Mrs Mitchell during the week. They have worked so hard at school and at home. We know they will be superstars! Thank you for all your support.


  • Our timetable this half term will change more than normal, as there are lots of things on, so thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

​​​​​​​Week beginning Monday 10th June - no PE Tuesday 11th, Sports Day Wednesday 12th June.


  • Our trip is on Friday 28th June  

Own clothes suitable for walking around, packed lunch and a drink (no glass and no nuts, thank you). Thank you to those from The Helping Hands who have kindly volunteered their time to help out! We are very grateful.


  • EBL and Project this half term

The EBL questions for the next few weeks have been shared in your children's books. This week's questions is for Monday 10th June, as that is when we have our VR session as well.

There is an OPTIONAL project for this half term, if your child and their family would like to get involved. Please see below for more details. 



EBL 10.5.24

In your child's bag there is a questionnaire to have a go at with family and friends. They do not have to do all the questions, but we are looking at food through the decades so if they do a few of the questions with a parent and a grandparent, that would be great. Thank you.

EBL is back to Tuesday this week (14th May)

EBL this week 

There is no written EBL homework this week. Below you will find a link to BBC Bitesize and a video we will watching as part of our session about the 1960s. You could watch it before the lesson and talk to your family about what they know about the 1960s.

Welcome Back! It's the Summer Term! smiley



  • PE Days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We are aiming to do at least one lesson a week outside too - e.g maths in the forest school, so please bring in a pair of wellies or old trainers by Wednesday 10th May to keep on your peg for the term.


  • EBL homework will be handed out on Wednesday as before, to be returned the following Wednesday. We have one more week on our Spring topic about hot and cold places, then we will begin our learning all about changes in living memory. Grandparents and great grandparents will be a great help with homework!


  • Spellings and Maths are on a Friday. 



Reminder: Project Day on Tuesday 19th March.

Parents invited to come into school to view the projects on Tuesday at 2.30pm.

There will be no PE on Tuesday. Children can wear their own clothes in the colours of hot and cold! Or if the children want to be more adventurous, they can wear an outfit that would fit for a hot/cold climate  e.g shorts, tshirts and sun glasses/ski suit!


We will be going into Forest School on Monday, so the children can wear their PE kits on Monday instead.


Thank you

Mrs Mitchell


         10.3.24 Y1 Lenten Action           


We have lots of old reading books that aren't part of our reading scheme now  - and they looking for new homes! If you would like to take some home, you are very welcome! They will be outside Y1 before and after school this week.

All we ask is for a  donation in the box of whatever you can afford - all proceeds will go to Cafod and The Welcome Group.


Thank you!



Easter Bonnet Parade

Children are invited to create their own Easter Bonnet at home ready for our parade. Parents are invited to watch KS1 parade around the school playground on Thursday 14th March at 2:45pm (weather permitting) showing off their fantastic bonnets!


Thank you :)




Welcoming back for Spring2!
We hope you had a restful half term break and look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday ready to follow our Lenten journey together.


A couple of changes this half term- 


  • PE Days are now Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


  • EBL homework will be handed out on Wednesday as before, to be returned the following Wednesday. This half term you are also working on a project at home, which was sent home over half term. More details below.
  • Spellings and maths will remain on a Friday. 


Thank you!

Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Sweeney.

EBL Project Spring 2


Happy New Year!
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday.


  • PE Days are the same as the Autumn Term so please wear PE kit to school on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • EBL homework will be handed out on Wednesday as before, to be returned the following Wednesday.
  • Spellings will remain on a Friday. 


Thank you!

Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Sweeney.




Thank you for to the children and staff for supporting us with our Advent action of Hope. Uffmoor wood is just next to the Clent Hills if you fancy a walk there this Christmas! Just make sure you wear your wellies!!

KS1 Nativity Pre Order Instructions - £14.99 on a USB

Actions for Advent


We are preparing for the Birth of Jesus, through our prayers and our actions.

The first week of Advent is 'HOPE'. As Stewards of God's Creation working to make our world a better place for everyone, we would like to plant a tree at our local beautiful wood Uffmoor Wood, part of the Woodland Trust and show that there is Hope for a world that everyone cares for and looks after.

If you would like to contribute to this dedication, please can your child bring in a 50p contribution by Friday 15th December (there is no need for any more than this)

To remind the children of their special dedication, they are coming home with some crocus bulbs to plant out wherever you choose! Each year they 'Spring' up, we 'hope' they give you all HOPE for the future of our beautiful planet. 



For our action for the  Second and third weeks of Advent, we would like to give a gift to you! Come and join us in the playground at 3pm on Wednesday 13th December where we will perform some of our Nativity Songs for you - hopefully bring a smile to your face and sharing some Christmas joy! 

EBL Homework in for 29th November. This sheet is coning home, but there is a copy here if needed.

Wednesday EBL sessions - Geography Fieldwork


Over the next 3 Wednesdays, a different group of 10/11 children will be asked to bring in their wellies so they can go and do their geography fieldwork in the school grounds. You will sent a text when it is your child's week.


Thank you


Community Languages Day

On Friday 17th November, we are celebrating community language day in school! Our focus country is SPAIN. Please wear your own clothes in the colour of the country's flag.

Thank you!

Information for Autumn 2


Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely half term and that all the children had a good rest after their first 8 weeks in Year 1!

We are so excited to be back, beginning with Remembrance, starting our new EBL Topic and sprinkling in some Nativity songs!


A few updates:

Our EBL Topic is all about our local environment, so on Wednesdays we will be taking it in turns to do some Geography fieldwork in our school grounds. The children will already be in their PE kits, but if you could send in wellies every Wednesday (or keep them here if that suits you) that would be greatly appreciated. 

PE will remain on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

EBL Info 9.10.23


This week our EBL lesson is on Friday 13th . Unfortunately I haven't been able to send it out due to photocopier issues over the last few days.

I have attached the homework here so that you can chat about it with your child. I do not expect you to print it off and complete it but please have a look at the map together and have a discussion about Wales so that the children have some prior knowledge for Friday.


Thank you. Mrs Mitchell

Info for Week Beginning Monday 25th September


FOREST SCHOOL - Muddy Mondays!


Monday 25th September- Muddy Monday for the whole class so please bring a pair of wellies in a carrier bag. 


Following Muddy Mondays for the whole class:

Monday 9th October

Monday 23rd October


Wellies can stay in school for the full half term if you are able to.

Please make sure your child knows if they need to bring them back home again after each session.


EBL & Building the Kingdom information

This week our EBL lesson will be on Tuesday - and, we are having a super exciting session with the VR headsets!

The VR headsets session will make up part of a whole day's teaching and learning all about our big question 'What Unites our Kingdom?'

We are going to be looking at our families and communities around the UK, so parents we need a little bit of help please...smiley


For Tuesday: In your child's reading diary,  please can you write the name of a family member (or two) that your child knows or knows of, who live in another part of the UK.


Auntie Cathy lives in Aberystwyth in Wales.

Grandma lives in Yorkshire, England


Thank you!


We will use your homework about Scotland the following week, so you have a bit longer to complete it.  New hand-in date for Scotland work Wednesday 4th October.



As part of our work about family and communities, we will be revisiting what we know about Baptism in RE on Monday. It would be wonderful if you could share a photo of a baptism, christening, or naming day that you have been to - it might even be your own!   


Or you may have another special religious celebration that you could share with us, if you don't have any photos of a baptism.


Have a chat over the weekend about the photo so you can talk about it in class on Monday.


You can bring in a paper photocopy, the actual photo (which will be returned!) or you can email it across to 



Copy of Year 1 Welcome Meeting PPT

Change to Wednesday 6th September: No PE for Year 1

Due to the logistics of the first day back, our morning PE slot has been cancelled (Some other classes do still have PE on Wednesday) so please send your Year 1 child into school in their uniform on Wednesday.

PE Days of Monday and Wednesday resume as normal on Monday 11th September. Thank you



Welcome to all our Year 1 families!


We hope you all having a wonderful summer!

The Y1 Welcome to Class Meeting will be on Thursday 7th September at 14:30 - 15:00.

This meeting for Y1 parents will take place in the Phiz Lab and will be a chance for us to meet and share the expectations of being in Y1 as well as all the amazing things that are planned for the year ahead.

We will be at the Phiz Lab door on the above date and time to greet you and sign you in. We can't wait to meet you!

Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Sweeney