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BRILLIANT BEGINNINGS! 🛖 We had the wonderful Tablet Academy come in today. Through VR, we became Archaeologists searching and digging for evidence about Prehistory!  

TIMESTABLES ROCKSTARS! Today, we launched TT Rockstars. We created our own avatars and began our journey to becoming speedy masters of times tables 🥳 

KEEPING ACTIVE! 🏀 Today, we had an active PE lesson where we focused on developing our throwing & catching skills. The children also made cross curricular links between the skills of throwing and the scientific concept of using the force of pushing to move the ball. This linked perfectly to our Forces and Magnets Science topic.

WORKING SCIENTIFICALLY! We have been setting up comparative tests this week to discover the act of force. We looked at pushes & pulls within our learning environment. Then, the children set up a fair test to compare how a toy car moves on 3 different surfaces. We heart being scientists!


We have been getting up to all things Maths this week by recognising the place value of 3-digit numbers using our hundreds, tens and ones dienes! 🔢

FAMILY AND COMMUNITY WEEK! Focusing on Catholic Social Teaching, our first lesson back was dedicated to Mary’s birthday. We thought about the characteristic traits of Mary as the Mother of God. Through exploration, we have discovered that Mary is Reverent, Responsible and Redeemed. 🙏🏻

Family, Friends and Others!

Through the ‘Life to The Full’ scheme, we have learnt and discussed ways to maintain positive relationships. We have spoken about our own families, the friendships we establish and the importance of being truthful and eloquent in order to maintain positive relationships with others.