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Dance Extravaganza


What did our parents say?


"All the children made an effort to give the best show to us parents. Very proud."


"Was wonderful to see such a event, you can see all the hard work that went into it by all. You can see the children enjoyed it and so did we."


"Was beautiful. Totally enjoyed the performances especially that of the 3 little pigs."


"It's amazing. Every child doing great."


"All the children were wonderful, everyone was involved."


"Wonderful to see the children in their costumes enjoying dance. School shouldn't just be academic. This is what is so refreshing about OLSK"


"Absolutely fabulous. Well done to all involved, children had clearly worked very hard in their performances and well done to staff and Ms Shepherd for co-ordinating. Thoroughly enjoyed!"


"A wonderful celebration of dance incorporating the subjects the children have been studying in their respective years ... especially loved the ocean theme, what a poignant message 👏 😍"


"Brilliant, and they really great 👍"


"Great performances! Well done to all the children and staff for preparing such an amazing show. Pre-school dance was our favourite 🤩"


"The children did really great. I have happy I attended the event."


"The children were absolutely amazing!! You could see how hard they had worked on all their dance moves. It was a lovely start to the morning."


"Keep them up OLSK!"


"It was fantastic. To the entire team, you are all appreciated."


"Excellent dancing. Great event for parents to come and watch"


"All children were amazing. It was nice to see different type of dancing and each suited age group. Y4 representation of Black Country was really creative"


"It was amazing. The quality of every single dance showed how much effort had been put into it by children and staff."


"Brilliant performance all the children were amazing thank you for allowing parents who couldn't stay for whole show still view from school gates"


"A lovely family orientated atmosphere. Very well organised and the teachers were so engaged with the children. So lovely to see the confidence the children have at school to be able to perform so well."


"Looking forward to a more fantastic performance next year."


"Carry on great work"


"Looking forward to future events."


What could be improved?


"Louder speaker. Difficult to hear some of the spoken word."


"Improved sound system - struggled to hear some of the children introducing each dance as sound quality poor from speakers"


"It would be really great if the heights of the children were actually taken into account, as you can’t see half the children as there’s no thought to placement of children"


"Perhaps place the smaller children more towards the front and taller children behind so that everyone can be seen."