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Harvest Celebration


What did parents think?


"The performances were amazing, so varied and all of the children were so confident doing them! What a lovely morning!"


"All of the performances were absolutely brilliant. It was so wonderful to celebrate Harvest Celebration again after such a long time and I can only applaud the efforts of the teachers, TA’s and of course our fabulous children for putting on such a magical and educational show."


"All children did beautifully and they all seemed very in to it! It was a nice mix of things and so lovely that Pre School had a part to play too!"


"It was absolutely amazing to see all the children performing! I enjoyed it very much and the my foot was tapping along all the songs. Well done to everybody!"


"All the children in all of the classes were excellent, The teaching staff and all the children had worked hard to perform a thoughtful cheery assembly."


"All the presentations were lovely, I'm so glad I was part of it. The kids were brilliant and to think some of them started learning the songs 2 weeks ago is astonishing. Well done to the teachers and all the kids."


"What a wonderful celebratory event full of colour, music, dance and poetry. Y2 shone out with their enthusiastic poetry performance. I loved the confidence and happiness shining through from Preschool and Reception Class."


"Fantastic, the children were all fabulous and put on a great performance! Well done to all involved."


"My son is in preschool so this is the first celebration we have been to. My son looked as if he loved it and really engaged. This is a credit to the Pre School teachers and to see how comfortable he was, it feels as though we have chosen the right Pre School for him. It was equally lovely to see the rest of the school and how well organised the celebration was. What a great morning!"


"Beautiful performances by all year groups from the Dingle Dangle scarecrows in Pre School and Reception to the beautiful readings in year 6!!! Well done to all involved and great to be back in the audience again."


"What a wonderful assembly celebrating Harvest. All of the children performed beautifully and you could see the hard work and dedication that had gone into the preparation for all of us to enjoy. It was lovely to be able to all come together to celebrate as a whole school family. Thank you so much to all staff and pupils for a brilliant assembly."


What could be improved?


"We'd love a few more songs that we can all join in with!"