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Who are the Y5 teachers?


  • Mr Hyde- Class Teacher
  • Miss Moran- Teaching Assistant 
  • Mrs Sterling- PPA Cover and French Teacher


What do we expect from your child in Y5?


Our focus this year is to build up your child's independence ready for Year 6 and High School. We believe that children should be taking more responsibility for themselves and their learning. This means, remembering their own PE kit, research book etc. We encourage children to ask for help when they need it but at the same time aim to equip them to find other ways of getting answers by using each other or appropriate resources.


Rewards and sanctions


This year in school, we will continue to use Class Dojo to reward children for a range of different things, from showing gospel virtues to contribution and teamwork. There will be rewards for children with the most amount of 'Dojo points' each week and the house with the most points over the whole year will win some time on the bouncy castle!


As before, we will be using 'minutes' as a sanction- these will be taken off Golden Time at the end of a week.


As always, parental involvement is key and we will work with you to give praise or tackle any issues. 


PE, Swimming and Forest School


Again this year, we will be having PE on a Wednesday so every child will come to school dressed in their PE kit. This should be their indoor kits (shorts/t-shirt) with black or navy joggers on top and outdoor trainers. Any hoodies worn should be either school branded or plain navy/black. Please ensure your kit is labelled to avoid any mix-ups or lost items!


Y5 will be going swimming for the second half of the year (from Feb half term onwards) at Haden Hill swimming baths. Swimming is a vital life-skill for your child so we ask that children are fully equipped to make the most of their lessons.


We will have forest school on a rota basis on a Friday afternoon- you will be notified in advance but please have a kit ready including wellies/trainers, clothes you don't mind getting muddy and a waterproof jacket.




This year we are continuing with Enquiry Based Learning, so your child will be given a research question each week for them to make notes on in their research book. You already have the first research question in your Y5 summer pack given out at the end of term. Children will always have a full week to complete their research homework. It is vital that this is done as it allows your child to take some responsibility for their own learning and teaches them important life skills.


Every Friday, your child will be given maths homework and spellings to learn- again they have a week to complete this and will have to do it at lunch/break if not complete.


If your child loses a sheet, it is their responsibility to come and ask for a new one so that their work can still be completed.


Reading- Your child must be reading every night, with an adult with possible. Your child will have a reading diary and we ask you to sign this to say you have heard them read. We will be checking diaries each week. Please note, this is a home reading diary so teachers at school will NOT sign every time your child is heard reading.


Secondary School!


High school will seem like a scary thought to most of you but believe me it will not seem like long before you are having to make your choices! We recommend that you view high schools this year so that you can rule out any and so that your child has chance to get their head around each school and make an informed choice. 


Hagley Pyramid Concert


I'm sure that many of you will have seen our wonderful performances at Birmingham Town Hall over the past few years. I'm delighted to say that we will be taking part in the Hagley Pyramid Concert again this year and the theme is Brit Pop. Mr Mallinson from Hagley will be working with the children every other week starting from September so that we are ready for the concert in February. This is always a fantastic experience for the children- and hopefully you'll like the songs! It is a great opportunity to share in music with your child and I know that many parents last year knew the songs as well as the children did!


Ingestre Hall


We are really excited to be returning to Ingestre Hall this year after missing out last year! I know that your children won't have been before so this can be a daunting thing for them and for you as parents. We will be holding an Ingestre Hall meeting on Thursday 23rd September to provide you with more information and answer any questions.


Thank you for reading! If you have any queries/questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.


Mr Hyde :)