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Our Summer Learning Journey

Summer 2 

This half term, our topic is called 'How Do Sunflowers Grow?'

We will be learning about the following:


  • To observe and understand the lifecycle of a butterfly.
  • To understand how living things, including humans, change over time.
  • To know that seed produce roots to get water into a plant.
  • To know that shoots produce leaves to collect sunlight for the plant.
  • To be able to describe that changes that occur in each season of the year.
  • To know that different animals live in different habitats and be able to describe some of these.
  • To know the ways in which we can care for different animals.
  • To understand that some animals are suitable pets, and others are not (wild animals).

What a great afternoon we’ve had watching Hagley Band 🎤🎷🎸🥁

Still image for this video

We enjoyed looking at Year 6’s projects all about the Vikings!

We had a great afternoon walking through the art we had created as a school for Refugee Week

We buddied up with a partner in Year 3, who designed and created a puppet from our favourite books! 📚

During DT week we had lots of fun, we did lots of different activities and even made boats for our Gingerbread men to see if they could cross the river...

We have been learning about doubles

So much fun learning in Reception

Throwing and catching in PE

We’ve been exploring plants and how things grow, look how much we have enjoyed planting and looking after our plants in the Garden Centre.

Pre-school and Reception class Assembly

We have spent lots of time learning about the month of May and why it is so special to us, we have made flowers for Mary.

We had a visit from Mr Houston who is a fireman, he came to help us learn all about his vocation.

Today we started learning all about our new topic linked to Africa 🛖🌍🐘🦒 we used a globe to find where Africa is in relation to the UK and created our own African patterns.