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Thank you for supporting your child with their reading.


Please ensure your child has their reading book in school everyday.

We are encouraging 'THREE READS' of each book as discussed at the class meeting and RWI meeting. (Please see welcome meeting ppt for details or the literacy part of the website).

We have noticed it making a huge impact on children's fluency and comprehension.


HOWEVER: We are finding hard to change some books as regularly as we would like as the reads at home aren't being recorded. 


This is a great example of how you could label the reads 1, 2 and 3 in your child's reading diary. 


It was lovely to meet so many of you at the Y1 Welcome Meeting today. I have attached the ppt below.

A few people had questions about RWI and the sets of sounds. Just to clarify, the 'sets' of sounds are just the order in which the children learn the sounds. Starting with single sounds such as m, a, s, then moving on to digraphs e.g. ay, ee and trigraphs e.g. igh, air.


All the children get access to learning and practising all of these sounds in Year 1 and Year 2. You can support your child by focusing on revising the sounds that are in their home reading book and using the Ruth Miskin website. I have attached the sounds below.


Please ask if you have any questions.

Mrs Mitchell




Date for your Diary - Our welcome to class meeting is on Monday 12th September at 2.30pm. Come to the phizz lab door.



Wishing all children and their families a very warm welcome back to school! Children, it was wonderful to be with you today and start to get to know you. I will see you in class on Monday. Mrs Sweeney can’t wait to see you all!