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Summer 1

Are we all God's hands on Earth? - Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

Our question for this term of ‘Are we all God’s hands on earth?’ will be explored through the Catholic Social Teaching lens of Dignity of Work and The Rights of Workers across the whole curriculum.


As part of our enquiry learning we will develop our historical skills through exploring the one of the achievements of one of the earliest civilizations: Ancient Egypt. Children will build upon their prior knowledge of Key Stage One as they begin to address and devise historically valid questions about change, cause, similarity, difference and significance. We will explore what life was like in Ancient Egypt and compare it to the present day. We will look at the impact their achievements have had on our lives today. Children will explore the different types of work the Egyptians had to carry out and will learn about their working conditions. Children will be able to construct historical responses and form opinions through using a variety of historical sources. “Work is more than a way of making a living: it is a vocation, a participation in God’s creative activity.” (The Bishops of England and Wales- The Common Good)


Children will also be encouraged to share their own ideas or experiences throughout this, allowing them to build curious minds. Throughout this study we will be continually building upon our skills and knowledge. Therefore, our ‘golden nuggets’ of knowledge will be embedded in our long-term memories!