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Spring 2

Are we a global family?

Option for the poor and vulnerable

Through enquiry learning, children will use varying skills from geography, science and literacy to explore the question ‘are we a global family?’ They will study this through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching, looking at ‘Option for the Poor and Vulnerable’ and through studying the human and physical geographical differences between varying European countries. This will allow children to see a wider context of the world when discussing our CST focus, option for the poor and vulnerable.

Children will observe the difference environments across the European continent and how we can work as a society to ensure that every person is provided for. 


Children will build on their prior learning of the geography of the UK and Europe from previous terms.

They will look at the trade links between the UK and other European countries such as Russia and Greece. Children will look at the changes throughout time and how this has impacted different cultures and traditions. Children will investigate the treatment of societies across the UK and Europe to observe how the poor and vulnerable are treated across the globe.

As we journey through Lent, across each subject, children will reflect on the treatment of the poorer people in society and how we can work to support them.