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Refugee Exhibition


What did our parents think?


'Lovely artwork and singing from Choir. It really did the school proud.'


'Beautiful exhibition today. The art work the children created brought to life what being a refugee is like. The songs from the choir gave real atmosphere to the room and the readings by the children just added to this beautiful moment. Well Done to all, especially Miss Meese and of course our amazingly talented and gifted children.'


'It was a really wonderful and impressive exhibition! The set up was stunning and you have such talent in the school!'


'The art work was exceptional The staff & children have worked so hard to get the message across to everyone The staff & children went to so much effort to make it happen The singing from the choir was stunning The prayers read by the children were very emotional The display if the work was centred around the theme of compassion What a wonderful community event Everyone was made feel really welcome The leaflet was very professional It was lovely to see members from the parish SVP and the Welcome Group at the event Thank you - I am so proud to send my child to such an amazing school that works so hard to make everyone feel welcome'


'Really lovely exhibition, art, the choir and beautiful prayers. Thanks to everyone who made it such a wonderful event and instilling good Christian morals to all our children.'


'I loved the art work and that every child is included. The understanding and compassion shown by children and staff is heart-warming and gives hope for the future. The prayers were thought provoking and the choir sang beautifully.'


What could be improved?


'A few parents were gutted they missed it.'


'I only happened to find out the choir were performing by chance. Could that be advertised more next time please.'


'Just keep doing what you're doing- it’s amazing and as a parent, I am truly grateful'