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Autumn 2- Stewardship of God's Creation- Do we always appreciate what we've got?

In this geography driver, children will have opportunity to build on their prior science learning of Y1 as we explore the seasons in depth, continue to look at weather patterns of the UK and build on their geographical knowledge of hot and cold places.

They will deepen their understanding of the four seasons as they explore how the seasons impact on the growth of plants and to think more deeply about the harvest time and why this is important. They will explore weather patterns of the UK and how these patterns are changing due to Global Warming. Children will develop an understanding of how our actions impact on the whole of creation. As we become more able to identify when and where we can see this impact, we will begin to address what we can do to bring the world back to the glorious creation of God.



Does the past change the present?

Our question for this term ‘Does the past change the present?’ will be explored through the Catholic Social Teaching lense of Family and Community across the curriculum.


In EBL we explore this through being historians. We will be building on our prior learning from year one to deepen our following history skills: understanding significant historical events, people and places in our own locality, using common words and phrases relating to the passing of time, using a wide vocabulary of everyday historical terms, asking and answer questions, choosing and using parts of stories and other sources to show that we know and understand key features of events and understanding some of the ways in which we find out about the past and identify different ways in which it is represented. 


We will be studying the changings of our high street in Halesowen Kingdom with our question at the forefront of our mind. We will explore how communities who have lived in Halesowen have shaped the change of the high street and why these changes have happened, discussing whether the changes have been positive and how the past has impacted decisions of the present.


The children will use all of this knowledge at the end of the unit to analyse on a map how Halesowen has changed over time and what the reasons for such changes may be.


Children will also be encouraged to share their own ideas or experiences throughout this, allowing them to build curious minds. Throughout this study we will be continually building upon our skills and knowledge. Therefore, our ‘golden nuggets’ of knowledge will be embedded in our long-term memories!