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Yesterday we performed the moving Passion Play. Year 6 were so reverent and respectful.

We loved teaching our families all about Confirmation today in our workshop!

We are learning netball skills so that we can have a game with each other. Today we perfected our chest passes and accuracy.

Year 6 have been writing their own poetry in our CST week all about Solidarity and The Common Good. We have collated them all in a book for our library for everyone to enjoy!

Today we had a workshop from South Staffs water. We learnt about the water cycle and how water if filtered and transported to our homes. We also learnt about the effect of global warming and pollution on the water systems in our country. Finally, we created a filter to try and clean dirty water as much as possible!

We have been exploring how we can put Fratelli Tutti into action in our Solidarity and The Common Good Catholic Social Teaching Week

We had great fun on the VR head sets today taking a road trip through America! What a great start to our new EBL enquiry for the spring term

We had our first French lesson with Mrs Brandrick today learning all about sports and hobbies!