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Sacramental Preparation Meetings in church


What did parents think?


"I personally liked the entire programme, from the very beginning. How Father Stephan delivered and explain to us as a big family the very important message of Our Lord to us all ,The Eucharist, Our Faith etc."


"All elements, it was useful and informative to have the chance to watch the DVD’s to hear other parents experience of their child’s First Holy Communion, discuss with parents and Fr Stefan any queries or concerns."


"The contents of the video and little reminders from Fr were useful as well as meeting with the parents."


"Every little part of it was rewarding and beneficial."


"I know what to expect and eased my worries so I’m more confident supporting my child"


"It has helped me to use different strategies to approach certain areas in a more constructive and child friendly way for their understanding."


"It's encouraged me to pray together as a family."


"Meeting with other parents in church was lovely as well as Confirmation meetings when the children attended with their parents."


"The information shared by Mrs Finnegan was extremely useful as it gave us the information we needed for the actual event."


"Understanding about the work of the Saints that they have studied in school with Miss Meese"


What could be improved?


"The videos are a little dated but Father makes them relevant with his q & a"


"Would love to have some music playing in church"


"It was not really as the parental program has changed from previous years when the school lead them- those were very informative and inclusive"


"School led Structured program would be better. Children should invited to all meetings. Meetings should be planned & prepared properly with  more than just two sessions- we used to have 4/ 5 meetings previously"