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Art and DT

All classes enjoy creative time all year, we also focus on these areas in particular during Art Days and DT Week. Take a look at some of our creations.

Art for Remembrance 
For this years Arts Week; we focused on Remembrance, marking the 75th anniversary of the fallen soldiers.

The children have been remembering through creative artwork, those that have fallen. We thank all those men & women who lost their lives so that we have the lives we live today.

Remembrance 2019

Inspiration around school.
Y1 design Land Yachts for racing.
Y1 Textiles, creative story telling puppets.
Y2, Woodwork, designing and making bug houses.
Y3 Textiles, creating finger puppets for class R.
Y3 Finger puppets with packaging
Y4 Electronics, making a key ring torch.
Y5 Textiles, designing Mobile phone cases.
KS2 Structures: We make paper chairs!
Arts Week: YR created 3D poppies.
Arts Week: Y1 Collage and rubbings.
Arts Week: Y2 Pastel Poppies inspired by O'keefe
Arts Week: Y3 Printing and collage.
Arts Weeks: Year 5 Digital Art
Arts Week
Arts Week: Remembrance painting
Arts Week: 3D figures
3D Poppies
Arts Club
Arts Club
Arts Club
Arts Club
3D Christmas Cards
First Holy Communion Printing
First Holy Communion Printing
YR: Forest School Collage - Stickman
Year 6: 3D Vikings project
Year 6: 3D Vikings project
Year 6: 3D Vikings project
Year 6: 3D Vikings project