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Our Summer Learning Journey

We are working so hard to practice writing ✍️ our numbers and counting everyday objects in Pre School.

We are enjoying celebrating Mary s month of May. We are learning her special prayer and saying it daily. We made some flowers 💐 for our prayer area and visited the Mary’s Chapel. We also painted some beautiful pictures of our own mummies.

During PE this week we focused on working as a team as we learnt some parachute 🪂 games “ if you don’t work together nothing happens!” But when we were a TEAM we could make it do so much. It was so much fun.

Another wonderful week in Pre School , super teaching and learning. 😊

The children love to explore and investigate the Key stage one Adventure playground. They enjoy climbing, swinging, balancing and running around. Some children were digging for treasure while others were finding feathers and sticks to make “Delicious Pasta” they mixed it up in the tree trunk which was their “ Big Pot”

We have been marvellous mathematicians this week in Pre School, we love 💗 numbers.

We spend “FABULOUS “Friday mornings with our Reception friends to get us ready for “ Big School” in September.

Oh how we love to explore our outdoor classroom with our friends especially when the sun ☀️ is shining.

We were so excited to arrived at Pre school and discover the Giant’s castle 🏰 had turned into a Big Red Train! There was even a train track. Where will you travel to today?