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Our Summer Learning Journey

Happy Memories, beautiful friendships and learning that will last us a lifetime. We feel blessed to have taught such wonderful children 👶 each and everyone is a credit to their families.

What a super surprise we received this morning in pre school - our teachers said we were going on an adventure. As we approached the fields Tillie spotted ....... A HUGE BOUNCY CASTLE ( we could not believe our eyes)

What a wonderful afternoon we had on the fields playing games and eating our picnic 🧺.

Look at all the memories we are creating with our beautiful 😍 friends in our setting “ We are caring, sharing and loving towards each other.”

Wow 🤩 look at the many activities we can use within Pre School to develop our fine motor skills.

We have had so much fun exploring 3D shapes.Building with them and talking about how many sides, corners and edges they have.

During class worship this week we shared “ The Good Samaritan “ story from the Bible. We acted out the story and talked about when have we been a Good Samaritan towards others. We thought about a lot of positive words to describe him, then we created our own by drawing around Zuzanna. We labelled our masterpiece with words the children suggested such as - caring and sharing, kind hands and feet, compassionate, friendly etc

We have been learning about patterns in Pre school. We have been printing and creating a variety of patterns using the paints. We also threaded some necklaces and bracelets some of us even managed to create a repeating pattern.

We have been counting the buried treasure, designing our own treasure maps, building boats using the large construction kits. Plus learning about keeping ourselves safe with regards to medicine, our friends talked about medication they need and why. Then we pretended to be doctors and nurses it was great fun.

Wow another exciting week in Pre School - full of super learning Mrs Pugh and I are so proud of you all ( now have a restful weekend you all deserve it)

During class worship we shared the Bible story “ Jonah and the Whale “ the children were so Respectful and Faithful as they acted out the story. They were able to recall the story afterwards and enjoyed singing and performing the actions to “ Our lighthouse”

This week we are focusing on “ Non fiction “ books and really enjoying learning new facts about the sea creatures. We even created our own under the sea master piece, trying to recall as many creatures as we could.

We have been talking a lot about team work and the importance of friends, so we decided to play a variety of team games both inside and outside.

We loved exploring the HUGE sports field there was so much to see, hear, touch and smell. We even tasted some blackberries which Mrs Nixon bought for us x 😊

We created sea music 🎵 in our outdoor classroom and thought of different ways to move to it.

How exciting a new term and a new topic all about “ The Sea” they is so much to discover and learn. We started by sharing any memories we had with our talk partners then we learnt about “ The Rainbow Fish”

We really enjoy listening to stories, sharing books with our friends and even listening 👂 to the stories on the computer.

When the sun shines we take our learning outside! The children 👶 love 💕 our outdoor classroom. We even had a picnic outside.

We celebrated Miss Mallin ‘s wedding 👰 with all of Key Stage 1. We acted out what actually happens during a wedding ceremony, we all dressed up for the occasion, some of us were princesses and others were Batman. We used our Flappers and did several dance routines. We even threw confetti 🎉 over the Happy Couple.

Our class worship today was all about FRIENDSHIP we talked about Jesus’ special friends “ his disciples “ and we share a story about our own special friend and why we loved them so much. To end our service the children chose to sing their favourite hymn ‘ Yes Jesus loves you’ ( Olivia has taught us this beautiful song)

The children were super at using pre positional language during our maths session. The children helped teddy go inside the box, behind, in front even underneath!, AMAZING 🤩

We went on a magical carpet ride during our PE session, we had to use our IMAGINATION 💭 ! The children in Pre school are very creative and made lots of super suggestions for our journey. We landed on the beach 🏖 and had an exciting adventure.

Our focus story this week is “ The Dance of the Dinosaurs” and we are thinking 🤔 of hot air balloons 🎈as a way of travelling. Ask your children what they remember from the story.

What a beautiful start to our day in Pre school we learnt all about Pentecost, shared the story from the bible. Lit 🔥 twelve candles one for each child in Pre school and shared a positive comment about each friend as we did so. We talked about the Holy Spirit and celebrated all the different languages we can actually speak in our setting.,

Coming to pre school wearing our pyjamas was a lot of fun. We enjoyed listening to stories and being characters from the books. What a fun packed day we shared!

We had AMAZING FUN today in PE playing lots of team games, working together, using our listening ears and using up lots of energy 😊

We are thinking about repeating patterns and colour mixing using our fingers.

We are working so hard to practice writing ✍️ our numbers and counting everyday objects in Pre School.

We are enjoying celebrating Mary s month of May. We are learning her special prayer and saying it daily. We made some flowers 💐 for our prayer area and visited the Mary’s Chapel. We also painted some beautiful pictures of our own mummies.

During PE this week we focused on working as a team as we learnt some parachute 🪂 games “ if you don’t work together nothing happens!” But when we were a TEAM we could make it do so much. It was so much fun.

Another wonderful week in Pre School , super teaching and learning. 😊

The children love to explore and investigate the Key stage one Adventure playground. They enjoy climbing, swinging, balancing and running around. Some children were digging for treasure while others were finding feathers and sticks to make “Delicious Pasta” they mixed it up in the tree trunk which was their “ Big Pot”

We have been marvellous mathematicians this week in Pre School, we love 💗 numbers.

We spend “FABULOUS “Friday mornings with our Reception friends to get us ready for “ Big School” in September.

Oh how we love to explore our outdoor classroom with our friends especially when the sun ☀️ is shining.

We were so excited to arrived at Pre school and discover the Giant’s castle 🏰 had turned into a Big Red Train! There was even a train track. Where will you travel to today?