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Mini Vinnies

We are proud to announce our new Mini Vinnie Presidents and their Deputy! They have a mighty task ahead of them this year; supporting the SVP in our school Parish! Congratulations to Lily, Scarlet & Max!! 🙏💕


Today, we handed over our donations of £200 to Mike Weaver, who represents the SVP in our OLSK Parish! A group of SVP members from our parish, hit the road in June to help raise funds for Fatima House. We held a non uniform day to help with the fundraising! 🙏💕🙏

Mini Vinnies Fundraising Efforts

Mini Vinnies Fundraising Efforts  1
Mini Vinnies Fundraising Efforts  2
Mini Vinnies Fundraising Efforts  3
What a wonderful way to spend Friday mornings; having coffee with some of the members of our Parish SVP, including our Chair of Governors, Pete Johnson. 😊 Thank you to Mike Weaver, Chair of the SVP, for the invite; we will definitely do it again! Thank you to the staff who work at the Beacon Centre for allowing us to take over their coffee shop! 🙏 Our children were proud ambassadors for our school🙏💕🙏 #so proud🙏🙏

Mini Vinnies meet SVP for coffee

Mini Vinnies meet SVP for coffee 1

The Mini Vinnies have been busy this week preparing for their Lenten Fundraising activities. They have been brainstorming all the children’s ideas about how to  ‘Turn concern into Action’ this Lent, & raise funds for some very good causes. 


They have decided one very special cause is to support the members of the SVP in the Parish, with their mission to raise funds for the very much needed van, that distributes all the food from the Food-bank, to the people who need it! 


They have decided to hold a pyjama day in school for children & staff. They are hoping that everyone will take part to raise funds for this wonderful cause. 


Another project, which is very close to their heart is, inviting all the children in school to make religious Easter cards for all the parishioners in our Parish! They had a huge response last year & again at Christmas so they have decided to repeat it again this year.


Please support them them in their mission! 

Other ideas include: 

walking a mile for the 40 days of lent

coin trail for each class

OLSK Mini Vinnie Bake Off

and many more! 




Meet our new Presidents and their Deputy

Meet our new Presidents and their Deputy  1
Meet our new Presidents and their Deputy  2

OLSK Mini Vinnies hand over the money, which they raised to support the homeless people in Halesowen, to Mike Weaver from Our Lady & St Kenelm SVP.


They have been extremely busy this term, organising their Christmas Card Appeal, for the housebound, homeless and lonely parishioners in our Parish.


Many children responded to their call ‘Turning Concern into Action’ and supported this wonderful cause. Thank you to all those who responded to their call & to the Mini Vinnies for all their hard work.

Mini Vinnes work their magic again this Christmas to support those less fortunate than themselves

Picture 1
Picture 1

Children give a 'thumbs up' to supporting the St Vincent de Paul Society

Children give a 'thumbs up' to supporting the St Vincent de Paul Society 1
Children give a 'thumbs up' to supporting the St Vincent de Paul Society 2
Children give a 'thumbs up' to supporting the St Vincent de Paul Society 3
Picture 1

OLSK Mini Vinnies make their commitment to supporting the work

of SVP by reciting their Pledge in our Whole School commitment Mass.


Fr Bruce, our Parish Priest led them in their Misson and handed them a certificate at the end of Mass. Staff, Governors, parents and parishioners congratulate them as they continue their work by 'Turning concern into Action.' Members of the SVP at OLSK Church came to support them with their pledge.


 Congratulations to all existing Mini Vinnies and to our new members Annabelle, Lucy & Maisie.

Picture 1

Mine Vinnies lead Assembly about their Christmas Winter Appeal; supporting the homeless people in Halesowen

Mini Vinnies present their Termly Report to the SVP at OLSK PArish- December 2017

Tonight in Church, the Presidents, Izzy & Sophie, along with their Vice President, Dominica, shared all that they have achieved and their planned Summer Term Project; OLSK Bake Off, with the members of the Parish at their termly SVP Meeting. 


They were invited to the meeting by Mike Weaver, who leads the SVP in Church, to share their ideas. The girls prepared a speech to read at the meeting, to celebrate all that they have achieved so far. The children in school are really committed to their Vocation; Turning Concern Into Action; and have pledged to raise enough money to buy gifts for the children at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. 


Mrs Finnegan stated; “These girls are so passionate about their Mission, and in turn, they pass this enthusiasm to all the other children in school. They are driven by the need to make a change; make a difference, and we couldn’t be any prouder of them.” Well done girls! 🙏🙂🙏

Mini Vinnies meet the members of OLSK Pstish SVP

Today, some members of our Mini Vinnies travelled up to Our Lady of Fatima, in Quinton, to talk to their children about all the wonderful work we have been doing over this last year.


We had a very warm welcome form Mrs Harlow and her Mini Vinnies; when we then sat together to celebrate all our achievements and listen to how they’re getting on since they first started, earlier this year. We learnt such a lot from each other and we came a way with some great ideas, including an idea of hosting pyjama day, to raise further funds for the SVP. 


We we made some new friends on our visit and we look forward to welcoming them to OLSK before the end of term. Thank you to Mrs Harlow and the children for making us really welcome in their lovely school and sharing their squash & biscuits with us. Thanks to Izzy, for baking yummy cakes to present to them before the meeting. What a truly wonderful morning, sharing all our God given talents and supporting the SVP; Turning concern into Action. 

Mini Vinnies visit Our Lady of Fatima School

Our wonderful Mini Vinnies from Y6 went on a shopping trip today, to purchase crafts, stationery and gifts, with the money raised from the Mini Vinnie Bake Off.


The girls organised the whole trip, knowing which shops to go to, for the best purchases, which made great financial sense; & they only took Mrs F with them to pay the bill. Lol 😂 


All of the gifts will be taken to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital in the next few weeks, to support the children who are in hospital.


Thank you to all the children & parents who gave so generously and to those who took part in the Bake Off. 

Mini Vinnies go shopping!

Mini Vinnies go shopping!  1
Mini Vinnies go shopping!  2

Mrs F takes part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise funds for Mini Vinnies!!

Still image for this video
Well done to Sophie in Y5, for organising the Ice Bucket Challenge, which took place tonight at the Summer Ball, in front of all the staff, children, parents and Governors, in aid of raising funds for Mini Vinnies!

The competition was between Mr B and Mrs F; and the majority of the votes was for Mrs F!! Thank you to all the children, staff and parents for supporting this activity by donating money! What great fun it was watching Mrs F get soaked by not just one bucket of ice cold water, but two! Very brave!!

Dear young people, do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you. Do not be afraid to dream of great things" Pope Francis

The Young Vincentians' Mission begins with the 7 to 11 age group (the Mini Vinnies). They are the youngest members of the St Vincent de Paul Society. With the permission of their parents and the support of their teachers, the children are encouraged to embark on their first steps as possible 'Vincentians for life'.

Mini Vinnies (MVs) gather and pray together at school, talk about those around them who need our help and think of ways they can help those people. MVs each get pledge and prayer cards, badges, certificates and membership handbook.

Based on the Gospel readings spiritual reflections provide suggestions and creative ideas of putting the Gospel into practice through "see", "think" and "do".

Mini Vinnies' Prayer
Lord, thank you for our gifts and talents.
Lord, show us who needs our help.
Lord, use our hands to help those who are hungry.
Lord, open our hearts to love and comfort those
who are sad and lonely.
Lord, let us share our time, gifts and talents with
those in need.
Lord, help us to care for the sick.
Lord, may we all help and support each other as Mini Vinnies to build a better world.


To Be a Mini Vinnie

A Promise & a Prayer.

We have been chosen to follow Jesus.

Using the gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit

We commit ourselves to Him & one another,

To work, learn & pray together,

To do nothing alone that we can do better together.

To serve the needy.



Mini Vinnies at Our Lady & St KenelmPrimary, in Halesowen, have their own little mascot to support them in their mission.


Miracle baby saved by surgeons who fitted him with a 'hand-made heart' is our own little ‘Mini Vinnie’.


Vinnie Holliday born with half a heart and had a life-saving operation at Birmingham Children's Hospital

He was diagnosed with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) while still in the womb and needed open-heart surgery just 24 hours after being delivered.

Surgeons at Birmingham Children’s Hospital ‘rewired’ his heart to construct a new aorta - to allow the right side of his heart to pump blood round the body.


Vinnie is now 7 months old and his parents have agreed for him to be our own little mascot. Our first fundraiser is going to be for the Birmingham children’s Hospital to enable them to continue their amazing work and look after Vinnie, and others like him, as he grows up.

On his visit to school, the Presidents, Izzy and Sophie, from Y5, presented him with his Mini Vinnie badge, certificate, pledge card and prayer card.


Happy Christmas to our little mascot, Vinnie