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School Links with Rwanda

Dear School leaders,


As many of you will know. The Catholic Primary Partnership, and its wonderful schools, have a strong history of supporting the Holy Sisters and their schools in Rwanda.


This year we gave £2650 in your name. 


Updates on the pupils you have been supporting:


Two of the students who sat their National Exams last year received grants to study at University. Emmanuel obtained the highest grades in all his exams, 60/60 and has started studying Civil Engineering. Theoneste also did very well with 55/60 and has begun his degree in Economics. 

Eric has just finished two years of formation with the White Fathers in Goma, but because of the difficult situation there, he is hoping to continue with his training as a priest in Rwanda.

Vital hopes to finish his Masters in Civil Engineering at Manchester University later this year.


Thank you for your support, through your contributions (and the contributions of leaders who went before you) lives are being changed!



Kind regards


Julie-Anne Tallon


Dear School Leader,


Thank you for your support of the Catholic Primary Partnership work in Catholic schools in Rwanda. We have been supporting Joseph for over 20 years and are so proud of him. However, as one Catholic Family, we have made a difference.


Below is the photo of the graduation of Joseph Ngendahimana. Joseph was helped by funding from the Catholic Primary Partnership whilst in Secondary School and University. Joseph was a street boy for 2 years. He graduated in Statistics and then sat an exam to become a teacher this year. Joseph wants you to know how much he appreciates your support.


In today’s world, it’s vital that young citizens know their place in the world – teaching them about global issues is imperative. The British Council, Connecting Classrooms, is specifically designed to establish long-term partnerships between schools in the UK and more than 60 other countries worldwide, helping to create culturally inclusive classrooms.


Every year we give money to fund a school in Rwanda as part of the Birmingham Catholic Archdiocese.


Through the British Council, we have now been linked with our very own school in Rwanda.  It is a primary and high school and the children are learning English as part of their curriculum. 


Our Y5 class have teamed up with a similar aged class there and have become pen-pals.


We can't wait to receive replies to our recent letter and build on this new relationship.

Dear School leaders, staff & children at OLSK!
Attached is a video from Vital, he is a former student sponsored by Catholic Primary Partnership and he has just got a scholarship to do a Master's degree at Manchester University in Construction Project Management.
He has done this short video to thank us all for our support and generosity! 


Still image for this video