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Our Rhymes and Hymns

Shine Jesus, Shine // Action song with The Mark 10 Mission

We love singing Shine Jesus, Shine and we have created a new version, with actions, for children to enjoy as they praise and worship Jesus.

Our Focus Story is The Little Red Hen, please enjoy retelling the story through this rhyme.

Our God is a Great Big God

We have been discussing the importance of God and have shared this Hymn together, please enjoy!

Little Red Riding Hood - Debbie and Friends

"What BIG EYES you have!" "The better to SEE YOU WITH, my dear"! Here is the classic tale set to fun music for the whole family with Debbie and Friends. Be sure to sing and dance along!

My Lighthouse

We love following the actions to this hymn!


Our focussed book has been the Gruffalo, please enjoy learning this song together; learning all about what the Gruffalo looks like!

Walking In The Forest

As we have learnt all about our new topic, we have been sharing this song together!

Jesus you’re my Superhero!

After learning about Baptism in class worship we shared this hymn, enjoy learning the words and actions together 🦸‍♂️