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Our Spring Learning Journey

Personal, Social Development is keen to our learning - we enjoyed playing a variety of board games using a dice, counting, turn taking. We had to use our memory and prediction skills and practiced rolling a dice which is a skill in itself ( Mathematical Development)

Scientific Experiment in Forest School- Our task was to build a shelter for our friend “ Chikondi” the giraffe 🦒 from CST and Bertie the Bear from “ Whatever Next” It had to be water proof - we checked it by pouring water 💦 over it and check if they were still dry. We left our little friends out over night with torches 🔦, food , water and blankets and will check them tomorrow to see how they survived. Night Night sweet dreams 😴

PE this week was exciting and challenging we had to use our Gross Motor Skills to access the large equipment. We practised climbing, balancing, jumping, swinging and even demonstrated our movements to our friends. All the children were so sensible remembering our safety rules knowing when to jump on a mat and how to land safely. Their listening skills were amazing when they heard the tambourine they knew to stop and get off the equipment safely and sit down. So proud of all our budding “ Athletes “

Mathematical Development exploring 3D shapes - After sharing the story “Trip to the Moon” I asked the children to build a rocket for Peppa Pig to travel to the moon 🌙 in. They displayed high levels of involvement as they shared the resources and created unique Rockets. Some even decided to add furniture from the small world equipment and include other characters.

Communication and Language Skills - during Show and Tell. The children are beginning to develop their questioning skills which is gear to see.

The children are really enjoying our Space Topic this term 🚀 The children have created the planets 🪐 exploring paints and different textures. They have discussed what they would take to Space and why. They are actively using the Space Station role play becoming Astronauts and using lots of appropriate language .We have learnt lot of new amazing facts - I am sure your child would love to share them with you.

This week our focus is “ Solidarity and the Common Good” linked to our Social Catholic Teaching. Whereby we are teaching the children how important Friendship and Teamwork is to create a happy, safe setting That everyone can enjoy and flourish.We love our new member of pre school who is Chikondi the giraffe.

5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF ......... Let’s Learn about “ Space” 🚀

Our focus story this week is “ Whatever Next”we shared the story and we acted it out. The children really got into character and contributed to our discussion - they shared their ideas with their talk partners. Afterwards we Left out the props out for them to explore and re create the story. We also practised our new rhyme “ Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer”

Today began with a beautiful Class Worship Service whereby the children began to learn about “ Baptism” We discussed what happens, shared important garments, and learnt a lot of new words such as Holy Water, Baptismal Candle, Holy Spirit,,Godparents and Font. We learnt how we were given our ‘Unique’ name during the sacrament and how we were blessed. We are so excited to share the Children’s own photographs of their “ Baptism” please remember to bring them in.

Fun packed morning in Forest 🌳 school - we discussed the safety rules and explored our environment. We even had our snack and a story in our AMAZING learning space.

Wow what a wonderful start to a New Year. It began by welcoming our New Friends to our Pre School Family. The children were eager to talk about their Christmas 🎄 Holiday’s and what Santa 🎅 had bought them. They seemed pleased to be back with their teachers and Friends and look at all the fun we had both inside and outside.