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Little Kenelm's Notice Board for Parents

For the safety of our Pre-School staff, please could all adults wear a mask when dropping theor children off in the morning. Thank you, Miss Mallin x

03.10.20 - This week we will be discussing our families, please could you bring one picture of your family into school to share in class. Thank you, Miss Mallin x 

As we can’t have parent & teacher meetings to update you on your child’s progress, there will be an Autumn term report coming home the end of October. This will include how the children have settled into Pre-School and any targets to work on at home.

Thank you for being so understanding, stay safe. X

August 2020


Please can you bring a small bag of spare clothes with your child when they start Pre-School, this bag can stay at school on their peg until it is needed. Thank you.

July 2020


The information below gives you further details of start dates, timings due to COVID-19.


Punctuality is paramount; if you are late, you may be asked to wait until all other children have entered the school building, which will be after 9:15.

Little Kenelm’s Pre- School: start 8:30am finish 11:30am *one parent can escort them into Pre-School* 

If you have a school age sibling in KS1 or KS2, once your child is placed in Pre- School, please exit the playground and wait at the green gates until 8:45, when your child/children can then come into school.

Whilst I appreciate that this is not ideal, these are the conditions we are required to put into place to protect everyone, until the Government advises us differently.