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Little Kenelm's Notice Board for Parents

Collection for Ukraine - Friday 25th March


For this Friday’s non-uniform day, Reception class and Pre-school can come to school wearing the colours of the Ukrainian flag and will be collecting items to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. All items collected will be taken to a drop off point in Brierley Hill and transported over to the bordering countries of Ukraine to go directly to those in desperate need.


We will be collecting the following items:  

  • Children's Nappies
  • Wet Wipes
  • All Toiletries
  • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
  • Warm Clothing
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Blankets
  • Boots and Shoes
  • Children's Colouring Books and Pens
  • Non-Perishable Food


Please feel free to donate as much or a little as you are able to. We will be talking to the children about donating any of their own items that they no longer use (blankets, clothes, shoes), as this will help them to understand that their kindness can really make a difference to those in need.

Grandparents Afternoon

The children from Pre-School and Reception would like to invite a grandparent into school next Friday afternoon, to celebrate their learning journeys and enjoy a drink and a cake together in the school hall. This is will tie in with our ‘Book of the Week’, Little Red Riding Hood, and the children's learning about their extended families. This is a lovely opportunity for the children to celebrate their achievements with their grandparents and share their wonderful work. One grandparent per child is invited to join us at 2.30pm on Friday 25th March in the school hall. Please wear a mask unless you are exempt.

Show and Tell

Throughout the year in pre-school, we will be having ‘Show and Tell’ sessions every Tuesday. As part of these sessions, children are invited to bring in an item from home that they would like to show to the rest of the class and tell us about. The rest of the class will have the chance to ask your child questions about their item. This is a great opportunity for the children to practise their speaking and listening skills and also develop their self-confidence when speaking to a group.

We will notify you when it is your child's turn for show and tell. 

Hi 👋 to all our lovely children and parents who are starting Little Kenelm’s tomorrow….. Mrs Pugh and I are so excited 😊. Also to welcome 🤗 back our existing children who will be a wonderful role model to our new little friends. See you bright and early Monday morning at 8.30 and remember your drink bottle, slippers and a HUGE SMILE 😀 (we are going to have so much fun together) 

If you are staying all day please remember your lunch - NO NUTS please due to allergies.

Have an early night ready for our fun packed day of teaching and learning ! 

           With love 💕 Mrs Ray and Mrs Pugh x

Letters from parents May 2021:


"I just wanted to say how lovely yesterday’s pre-school drop-in hour was.

The welcome that myself and my daughter Bridie Hodge received from Mrs Finnegan and Mrs Ray was so lovely and made us feel very relaxed.

Bridie had a lovely time and she is really excited to start her pre-school journey in September." with OLSK.


Kind regards,

Caroline Hodge





"My partner and daughter, Isabella attended Little Kenelm's Open Day this week and I just wanted to thank the staff for making it so special. 

Isabella told me how much fun she had when she got home, in great detail! She cannot wait to come back and we are so happy that she got the opportunity to visit." 


Thank you again, 

Becky Colston


Opening times for Little Kenelm’s Pre-School…

Morning session starts at 8.30am

Morning session ends at 11.30am

Afternoon session starts at 12.30pm

Afternoon session ends at 3.30pm


Please note: children attending our Pre- School must be toilet trained before they arrive! 


Sessions can be taken as full days, morning sessions or afternoon sessions. If your child is staying for the full day, there is a small charge for the lunch hour and you will need to provide your child with a lunch box. For more information, please contact the school office and ask for Mrs McNarry. 

Please be punctual at the beginning and end of each session. It is also important that all parents are available during the Pre- school sessions to be contacted if necessary.

Important Changes to KCSIE 2021



428. This part of the statutory guidance is about how schools and colleges should respond to all reports and concerns of child on child sexual violence and sexual harassment, including those that have happened outside of the school or college premises, and or online (what to look out for, and indicators of abuse are set out in Part one of this guidance).


429. Sexual violence and sexual harassment can occur between two children of any age and sex, from primary through to secondary stage and into colleges. It can occur through a group of children sexually assaulting or sexually harassing a single child or group of children. Sexual violence and sexual harassment exist on a continuum and may overlap; they can occur online and face to face (both physically and verbally) and are never acceptable. As set out in Part one of this guidance, all staff working with children are advised to maintain an attitude of ‘it could happen here’.


430. Addressing inappropriate behaviour (even if it appears to be relatively innocuous) can be an important intervention that helps prevent problematic, abusive and/or violent behaviour in the future