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Areas of Need

Areas of Need

At Our Lady and St Kenelm Catholic Primary School we cater for the identified four areas of need.


Communication and Interaction

Developmental Language Delay

Developmental Language Delay Disorder

Social Communication and Interaction Speech,

Language and Communication

Receptive Language/ language comprehension

Expressive Language

Speech sound Difficulties


Cognition and Learning

Mild and Moderate Learning Difficulties

Severe or Profound Learning Difficulties

Specific learning difficulty where pupils experience difficulty in one area e.g. reading, spelling, mathematics.


Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Children with SEMH can display signs in a variety of different ways. Some children may be withdrawn and others may be hyperactive and struggle with attention and concentration. Emotional needs may have an impact on learning. Children who experience Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties (SEMH) may also have additional difficulties as described in other sections.


Physical Disabilities / Sensory

Medical Hearing impairment

Visual impairment

Physical impairment (Children with significant medical needs will have an individual care plan) Sensory difficulties