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How would you describe the staff in our school?


'Similar to the children our staff are extremely successful at giving assistance and comfort no matter the problem fixable or not'


'Loving and gentle'


'They are helpful and nice to all of us.'


'The staff in our school is AMAZING because they all very kind to all the classmates and they will never get mad at you for making a mistake'


'Supportive and also helpful'


'I would say they naturally have a kind heart and a confident mind. They teach well and they still manage to handle us crazy kids they sometimes work overtime even when they don’t get paid they still make lessons fun. They persevere. Thank you.'


'I would describe our staff as really kind because they help us every day with our learning and also they make us feel happy when we are upset.'


'Heart-warming, funny and full of wisdom'


'BRILLIANT they are always lovely and caring and always helps you when you are stuck or need someone to talk to.'


'They care for me and they teach me, and I’m very proud that I am in the school.'


'Whenever you are in need or need help they will always be there to do the best they can.'


'AMAZING! Because they always know what is best for you and they always are kind and safe and funny people to be around'


'They are one of the most wonderful staff and they are probably the best staff I had'


'The staff in our school are kind and caring because they always help me to grow and to be a mature and kind person like I am today. When someone is upset the teachers always sort it out in the nicest way possible.'


'They are very knowledgeable, some are a bit coffee-addicted, but mainly kind and caring and will help you.'


'I think they are easy to talk to and they make it funny and help us to see the fun side of stuff'